True Life filming diary

  1. Mods, I know I already have a thread on True Life, but I officially started filming today, and wanted to have a place to update you guys where people would actually read my posts. Feel free to close the old one, or if you must, this one.
    Anyway, started filming this afternoon. There's just one camera girl following me around. Her name's Anka and she's pretty cool. I like her a lot and I feel pretty relaxed even with the camera in my face. She came over around 3:15 and we just chatted without cameras for a while and she started to film me a bit. She asked me to show her my Japanese comic books and talk about how I taught myself Japanese, so I did. We talked a bit about my intentions for being a lawyer, and what else I might be interested in career-wise. My story is that I'm applying for an internship at a fashion magazine for my last summer before starting law school and my real life. I talked about that and found some phone numbers and email addies online. I also talked about my interest in fashion. She had me show her some of my bags, and asked what my most expensive item of clothing was, so I showed her my leather jacket. I talked about tPF ;). Then one of my best friends came over and we went to dinner with her and my little brother at a noodle place. It was pretty funny because she had to go out ahead of us and film us coming out the door, and she had to film us driving off, so we would start to drive off, and she would hop in the door after she'd gotten enough film. This happened any time we got in the car. She asked my friend if he thought I was smart, and he said oh yeah. And she asked if he had any stories that might demonstrate that. We both cracked up and couldn't come up with much! I talked a bit about my blog, which he hadn't known about, as I don't really talk about it. We paid and left. She wanted to film us from behind and from in front so we actually had to go back inside and exit again after the first time. We got a laugh out of that and made a note to always leave something behind for a viable excuse. We got ice cream and came home. I broke her microphone...yikes. I yanked it a little too hard and the clip came off. That was my bad. Anyway, tomorrow's another day of filming. I hope this wasn't too boring! I'll keep you posted!

  2. cool! can't wait to see it
  3. I'm so excited for you ! This is such a great experience ! :wlae:

    Funny, I'll be able to check out the actual tape before and after its edited for TV at the studio (my friend is one of the editors for this show. )
  4. Awesome!! Sounds like fun actually... I can't wait to see it! :smile:
  5. I can't wait to see it - MTV was doing a True Life marathon yesterday and I love that show!
  6. I also can't wait to see it. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Prada - is the editor you know **** or ****? They're working on my segment.
  8. PMing You ! ;)
  9. So exciting! It's funny because I saw a couple of episodes of True Life (one about commitment-phobes, one about twins) yesterday and thought about how we'll be seeing one of our fellow PF'ers on soon...

    I've always been so curious about how the filming works. Is your camera-woman with you 24 hours a day or is there a set schedule? How is your family doing with all the cameras around? Keep us updated & congratulations again!
  10. omg I can't wait to see. So excited for you!
  11. Yea Nerdie! Can't wait to see the show!
  12. how fun! i've always wanted to be on a tv show. let us know when it airs! :smile:
  13. wooohooo!!! this is awesome Steph, I cant wait to see the show!!!!!
  14. I tweaked my resume and started writing a cover letter for flaunt today. called their office and they gave me a name and an email address. We went down to ralph's to get a copy of the magazine so I could refer to it but couldn't find one. Had lunch off camera and that was that today. I did demonstrate my minesweeper skillz...
  15. Omg Steph! This is so awesome. I am really lookig forward to seeing this when its all done! Please inform us & keep us updated when this should be airing.

    Would be awesome to see who this "NERDPHANIE" really is! I see you posting everywhere,everyday!