True Gemini Update: A piece of Cloud is floating its way to ME!

  1. Hooray!!! Remember my early post of Chanel or 2 Flirty LV poll? BF promised me the Chanel for my B-day and 5 yr Anniversary (he totally forgot about it!:cursing: ) gift, so I decide to track down a piece of Cloud ;), not sure will I keep it or not since never seen it IRL, and SA said around dozen pp return Olympe Bags (she assure that poor one has been sold, mine is freshly arrived) b/c not used to lambskin which gets me worry a bit, hum:confused1:

    But I think I will like it base on the enabler's pix from tPF, hehe:p Anyone is looking for Olympe bag, call Fashion Show Mall @ Las Vegas, ask for Hilary, she is a manager there and uber friendly!
  2. Which one did you get???
  3. oo which one?? which one???
  4. I can't tell u yet.......^_<
  5. just confirmed it's Stratus pm in Ecru:yahoo:
  6. Ooo v.nice. :nuts:
  7. Congrats, can't wait to see!!!
  8. Thanks everyone, I know! Can't wait to see it either haha.
  9. Congrats..I have the nimbus..I adore it
  10. Congrats ... can't wait to see photos of it:heart:
  11. That is my favorite one! Yippee and congrats, I am sure you will keep it, I saw them IRL last weekend and they are really pretty, soft and just perfect!
  12. Great choice! Please post pics when it arrives.:nuts:
  13. I am in love with the stratus GM.

  14. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: congratz!!! i love the stratus pm in ecru!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  15. Love all the olympe bags