1. OK I love love LVOE all my bags, but sometimes I have to admit they have some annoying qualities. Time to CONFESS - what annoys you about your bags?

    (1) Cerises Speedy 25 - WHY oh WHY did LV do this pattern on the 25 and not the 35? Or at least the 30? Speedy 25, you are so cute but you are WAY TOO SMALL!

    (2) Manhattan GM - Cutest bag ever, but FLIPPING IMPOSSIBLE to get in and out of! The pockets on the front are to small to put my BlackBerry in it, so I have to reach in and out of the zip compartment all day long, which is not easy (because the zipper is scratchy on my poor hands).
  2. My Mat Allston - bag is stiff and slim so it's quite hard to get in and out of.
  3. i think the only bag i have a problem with is the Vernis Bedford. i had the Perle and Marshmallow Bedfords, but the zipper opening was excruciatingly stiff and tight and i scratched my hands getting in and out of the bag, so i had to sell them. :mad:
  4. My motard pochette keeps opening up at random times ..quite annoying
    My vienna klara scratches my hands when I enter/exit the bag:s
  5. Speedy:
    Would love to see the d-rings on the handles so that you can properly attach a shoulder strap.

    Neverfull PM/MM/GM:
    Leather sliders on sides of bag do not stay up - need to be tighter.

    Petit Noe:
    Needs a leather slider on the leather ties so that you don't have to tie a bow.

    Cabas Piano/Neverfull PM:
    Make the handle/strap drops a bit longer to make the purse more comfortable when carrying on the shoulder,

    Zippy Coin Purse:
    Could be a tad larger in width and also when expanding the Zippy Coin Purse.

    Make some purses in the Damier print that are standard already in the Monogram print: exampe: Cabas Piano/Cabas Mezzo in Damier instead of special ordering it.

    Make the bottoms of some purses a bit stronger/less saggy: Neverfull/Palermo

    Add a few extra inches of leather to the strap so that we don't have to buy extenders to have a more comfortable shoulder strap drop.

    Too much vachetta leather on the bottom of purses: Cabas Piano/Mezzo, Lockit, etc. (we are all paranoid about getting stains on the bottoms of these purses)

    Just in general - make some purses just a bit bigger. Sometimes LV only seems to have a particular purse in a small or large size but no medium size version. Can't think of an example of this at the moment, but I know that there is an LV out there fitting this description! Maybe a Petit Noe and Noe but no medium version?

    Did I mention that I still love LV? :p
  6. Where do I begin?? Whew.....

    My Neverfull PM...Bought an sold twice. 1st time, I didn't like that it didn't have a zipper and also that it was so smooshy. Then I bought it again somehow believing that it would be "better" the second time around. I was wrong.

    Suhali Lockit PM--Love, love, loved this bag. It was too damn huge for me. Everytime I got in and out of the car, the bag bumped the door or something else. It was heavy and just aggravated the crap out of me. Sold it.

    Manhattan PM--Another bag I bought and sold twice. I really loved this bag, but after a while the heaviness bothered me and the pockets in front started to aggravate me.

    Epi Montaigne Sac--Could they make a bag any harder to get in or out of?? Everytime you flip up the buckle to get in it, the darn thing would come smashing down on my hand!! Couldn't deal with it...sold it.

    Mono, damier, epi blue, epi red speedies---why oh why did the sides have to sag in like that????????

    I could go on but I think I've embarrassed myself enough....
  7. good to know!
    thanx, thalillady!!

    wallets (vernis bill fold, french purse, dentelle and taiga)

    card slots are sticky.
    all my cards had something like glue from the wallets, these are sticky and dirty.
  8. lol.......cute thread !

    hmmmm....the corners on the flap of my Monogram Musette curl upwards, ....out of control !!!
  9. Cabas Piano--such a classy shoulder bag, but tough to keep up on shoulder comfortably while wearing a coat. Wish drop was about 2 inches longer...

  10. I agree with each and every one you have listed! You covered it all for me!
  11. Hmm let's see. The only two bags that I have real issues with are my alma and my boulogne.

    Alma: pain in the butt to get in and out of; the shape of the bag just isn't conducive to opening unless on a level surface.

    Boulogne: after using it for awhile the zipper track has gotten all crooked and uneven so not only does it look messy but it's hard to open unless you have both hands free.
  12. Manhattan PM seems to cave in on the sides if not completely stuffed..I was ready to sell it on eBay and my mom stopped me. She loves this bag and bought it from me. It drove me completely batty!! Look see....

    The zipper area caves in too to boot!!
    Manhattan CaveIn.jpg

  13. This would give me a stroke.
  14. hahahaha lolol we all nag yet we love them.. i cant think of anything that annoys me right now...
  15. Carryall: the top of the bag where the zipper is, the seam is like sewn in from the side instead of from the top, so it caves in, and to zip it shut, I have to use both hands and like flatten the top out and hold it steady while i manage to close a double zipper at the same time.