True Confessions of a Belenista, My First Reveal

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  1. #1 Feb 17, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
    After my trauma the other day of losing a crystal, I figured it was time for my reveal…

    (Might want to partake in a glass of wine or scroll straight to the pictures, I tend to get long winded.)

    And so it begins, being a BE virgin, how was I to know, the depth of love one could feel for such a handbag?

    Having not ever held a beautiful Belen Echandia and only admiring from the safety of my laptop, I formulated a plan to purchase a couple pre-owned and choose one from there. After all, in my naïve state, I believed I could actually buy three, adopt the one I liked, and part with other two.


    After the first three arrived I knew I was in trouble. Part with two???????? (Can you see my scrunched up face???)

    …Ok, so there I was, deciding between a lovely Love Me Midi in Choco Matte, a truly magnificent Make Me Smile Midi in dark grey glossy and the sassy Surprise Me in Pewter. Can you feel my pain? All completely gorgeous.

    I knew what I must do, I must list all three and let the buyers decide, because I literally could not. Very brave.

    Remembering still that I have only allowed myself visiting rights and none have left the safety of my walk-in closet, there I was watching all of them now on the marketplace.

    Let the chips fall where they may. Although I will say I stacked the deck a bit and listed the choco Love Me so high that I knew no one would buy it, lol. (Yes, that was me if you saw it)

    Thank the heavens above for one of you chose within days. Twas the sassy, chic and hip Pewter Surprise Me that went to the wonderful home of a lovely and kind lady.

    A week or so later, I decided to be very very careful and take the MMS to work with me. Just out for a little spin, just to see what it felt like. You are all wise, I don’t need to tell you it was then that I came up with brilliant plan of keeping twwwwwwwwwwo and parting with just the one that had left me. Yes, yes, indeed, this was much better than the original plan.

    Well that is until I saw the Love Me Mini in Black Crash. By now, I have looked at every picture in tPF BE Reference Library, I’ve got a real taste for it now and it’s escalating. I have asked all of you which is your favorite, and not only can I not part with the other two, but I decide to purchase the LMM. I cannot speak for certain, but I may have been feverish at this point.

    I know, I know, the quantity is going up when it should be going down….. but (and here comes the justification) it had my light blue lining I adore so very much!!!!!!! I knew I had to have it and it would never be sold. At least by this point my innocence was gone and I knew it was mine for always.

    I think for this very reason, I will always consider my first BE to be my Love Me Mini in Black Crash with silver hardware and light blue lining because I purchased it knowing we would never part.


  2. Great introduction & story to follow! Love your choices, beautiful bags! Black Crash is my favorite!!! Enjoy them to the fullest!
  3. Congratulations, LoveHandbags! I've recently gone from a BE fan to an addict, so I appreciate your dilemna in downsizing. :biggrin:

    I love all of your bags!
  4. Oh YAY!! I think that is my old LMM in black crash!!! It is so good she has other BE sisters to keep her company!!

    Beautiful BE trio!
  5. You are very silly, and have absolutely lovely taste in bags. Well done!!
  6. hi besabonita! yes, I did not stand a chance when I saw the black crash.

    jcsprstr ~ we'll be addicts together my friend :smile:

    LOL, Odebdo, I was so hoping you would see this, of course I did not mention you initially to protect the innocent, but now that you are out, YES, it is yours, and she is ADORED!
    I am quite certain she and her sisters frolic about when I am at work...
    Here is a shot lined up next to her Love Me Midi all proper and with good posture:
  7. hi jenny! thanks! :smile:
  8. p.s. Oh and after a successful trip :broom: to The Bead Monkey today - MMS's empty spot where a crystal once was is all repaired and looking lovely.
  9. I LOVE your dark grey glossy mms's so pretty. Loved your story too :biggrin:
  10. hey sgreg ~ you know the thing about the MMS Midi is that is lays so nicely on the shoulder. I am glad (although at the time I was feeling like a teenager sneaking out on a Saturday night) that I took her out for a spin, albeit a safe spin, for a test drive, because truly, I love how this handbag feels on your shoulder. And I will say, I agree, I so love the dark grey glossy. It is the perfect "can be casual, can be dressy" leather. And against that pink interior is it gorgeous.

    I did not want to get toooooooooo long winded before, LOL, but if I was to go on and on, I would say that the interior of the Belen Echandia handbag is so utterly gorgeous it could bring a tear to my eye. Like on said on another thread, if you could see me open my desk drawer during my work day just because my BE interior and exterior makes my smile, you truly would think I was a total lunatic!

    If only my co-workers knew what gets me thru the day...... :whistle:
  11. I love your avatar LoveHandbags!!!
  12. You are so cute - love your story and your choice in handbags! Enjoy!
  13. Beautiful choice Lovehandbags!!! So glad you decided to share!!!!

    And you totally get my love affair with the matte choco!!!! I want the LM only in the large size !!!!!

    And the black crash is divine.........pair it with pale blue lining.....perfection.

  14. Tessa's in the house with a new Avatar, I love it! (and I will say I didn't even know what an Avatar was until tPF and now Sophie is my Avatar, let me tell you it is a miracle I was able to attach pictures in threads)

    sandy, I may, just for you, attach a pix of my new crystals! I went against the grain and did a peridot CZ crystal. I loved it because I adore (adore) green and pink. Think finzup's matte apple green hold me and pink interior. (I am an easy sell!) It truly reminded me of that! Thank you for your advice on the crystals, sandy! All is repaired! We are injury free!
  15. I've had one martini too many & having a blast watching the Olympics!!!

    Lovehandbags.....which crystal is missing?? On what color tag??