True Blue

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  1. I painted my nails and when I went to pick up my bag I realized my nails matched perfectly, so I thought I would share.
    so here is my Coach blue patent leather ergo hobo and my O.P.I nail polish in indigo- go-go.



  2. Cuteness! That looks good.
  3. Sweetness! :supacool:
  4. Great match. I have that exact same shade in the Nic's Sticks. Don't you love them?
  5. Fun! For all the purple gals OPI has a beautiful purple from their "french" color line in stores now that would look fab next to the purple, patent, Zoe.
  6. wow! what a cute set!!!!! And the pretty! If I paint my nails they never look that good!
  7. thats perfect! if you'll ever get a scratch on your hobo, your nailpolish will take care of that:smile:

    When I purchased my Plum Color Toyota Avalon a few years back, it had a mean dent on the back left side, it was all rosted up and nasty. The same day I used a plum purpely looking nailpolish and got a "revelation" :smile: It matched perfectly!!!

    when i brought it in for repair, the guy couldn't find the spot at first lol. That was hillarious!!!
  8. ^^ That's funny
  9. The bag and the nails both are gorgeous.
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. Wow, how neat. They match pefectly, very nice.
  12. Woo wooo!!!!! Hot mama comin through!
  13. Lol that would be funny to see, I have a gold car hmmm Ill have to check and see if they have any polish that matches:P:P
  14. Thank you:smile:
  15. i got a scratch on my plum patent pouch! i'll have to look for a matching nail polish! :nuts:

    danielle, love the nail colour and your blue set! :heart::heart: