True Blood - Season 6

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  1. It's tonight! Who will be watching? :popcorn:
  2. I'm so looking forward to this. It's the most consistently entertaining show for me.
  3. I'll be watching! I'm excited!
  4. Me! Love True Blood!
  5. I am in...
  6. So what did everyone think about tonight's season premier?
  7. I don't trust Billith one bit. And Jessica is very naive. Jason is too, the minute he got in that car, I knew it was Warlow.
  8. It was a good episode because you got to see all of the characters. I just love Lafayette!!!!
    Me and the hubby knew that the triplets were going to age fairly quickly.

    Also the editing was a little off in the beginning, she was dying in the hole talking to Sam, and the blood was there and them.n it was gone and then it was back.
  9. Wohoo... so happy its back. I liked the episode.
  10. I'm glad the show is back. Is this the last season?

    Jason is so stupid lol. He obviously suspected it was a vampire so I guess that is why he felt comfortable talking.

    Alcide ❤❤❤ how hot is this guy? I'll serve this packmaster any time of the day. I'll even kill this number 1 b*tch if she tries to get in the way.
  11. Watched it, loved it, great opener!!

    Lafayette was hilarious, as was Andy, Arlene and Terry with the kids. :lol:

    Eric, looking hawt as always, oh how he makes me swoon....:girlsigh:
  12. I love Lafayette! Awesome episode!
  13. Lafayette is back in the house!!!!!:yahoo: i love that guy and i was so glad they did not make me wait to see him. i think the show was fabulous - as usual. sunday nights are back in business. DH and i watched the marathon leading up to the show and i always somehow forget just how damn good the show is over the break!

    also very happy to see Alcide. love jason even though i could hit him. the scene with him and hoyt brought tears to my eyes!:cry: it was so heartbreaking to see how hurt jason was.
  14. I read an article where they interviewed the actress playing Luna and she said "We shot one at the end of Season 5 where I died, but it didn't work or something [and] they cut it out," "So, I had to come back and re-die this season."

  15. i could have sworn the actor that plays sam - when asked at the preview party - said something to the effect that he and luna were not done.:confused1: that there was more to that story or something like that.
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