~ True Blood on HBO - Season 5 - June 10th ~ NO BOOK SPOILERS

  1. I was puzzled as to why TMN was doing a marathon of this show for the last couple of days. Now I know!:lol: Can't wait for the season premier.:yahoo:
  2. Can't wait for Sunday!
  3. Me too LOL
  4. I can't wait til tonight..
  5. My true blood nails.
  6. You and me both! We have it programmed to go on automatically! This is such a great show.
  7. Love it!!!
  8. Those are bloody lovely!
  9. I'm waiting. I'm just here for Tara. And Lafayette. And Pam. Dassit.
  10. What did everyone think ? I'm still not sure what I think of it

  11. Those nails are AWESOME :smile:
  12. That was THE BEST song they could have picked for the end credits. I was shocked by the ending... but then I cracked up when the song started playing LOL.
  13. "What if she wakes up all ****tarded?"
    "Your super snatch"
    "We fight like siblings but **** like champions."

    Awesome. Could be cuz I've had too much to drink but there were a bunch of one liners that I loved. Not really thrilled with Tara becoming a vamp but I suppose that is better than getting rid of her permanently.
  14. When Pam said "I'm wearing a Walmart sweat suit" I died.
  15. Wow i love how all the Drama was the last 15min of the show lol