~ True Blood on HBO - Season 5 - June 10th ~ NO BOOK SPOILERS

  1. So freaking excited to see this as well.

    Thanks for trailer #2 admat97, I was always excited for the new season, this makes it even more to look forward to.
  2. I'm excited & wonder what craziness will happen this season!

    I don't mind Tara's character & agree the writers make her quite hopeless, but the issue I have had with her since day one - her d*mn accent! It seems so overdone & it grates on me always the first few episodes of a season before I get used to it!
  3. Excited!!!! 5 days to go.
  4. I loved him in LaO and I can't totally see him here. I'm actually locking forward to it :smile:
  5. Things I'm looking forward to:

    Chris Meloni as Roman: He's a brilliant actor and he is going to be all kinds of awesome.
    The return of Rev. Steve Newlin: He's going to be the geekiest vampire of all time.
    The backstory of Pam and Eric: This should be a great storyline.
    The resurrection of Russell Edgington
    The bromance goes on the road: Bill and Eric on the run from the Authority
    The transformation of Tara: This girl is going vamp.

    The only thing I'm not looking forward to: Joe Manganiello's portrayal of Alcide. Boring snoozefest.
  6. Love love Russell is back. Can't wait. Hope it's good.

    Also love to see flashbacks of when they became vampire or their lives way before now .. I'd like to see some on Russell.

    I'm always looking forward to Eric and Pam.

    Hope Lafayette is back to his crazy way self, he used to be one of my faves until last season, and I didn't like the way they took his character.

    And always looking forward to seeing naked Eric. Hopefully not with Sooki or Bill, but some other hot chick who can match his fire. Lol.

    Hope Alcide dies. I'm going to try to ignore the dude from law and order since hes not a main character.
  7. No! Please use the spoiler tags. I hate to read these things. Thanks!
  8. Oh yeah !!.. bring it on.
  9. YAAAYYY this is going to be a great end to a long but wonderful weekend. My only baby graduates Saturday!
  10. Its not a spoiler. Its been hinted at only and is only my opinion. Its not in the books either so I don't see why you're getting so upset about it. There are also a million teasers from the upcoming season currently out there from HBO. I'm hardly "spoiling" it.

    Now this is a spoiler:

  11. ^ I don't think I was so upset about it. But that's what spoiler tags are for...just in case of some info or a hint someone doesn't want to see it before the show airs.

    Thanks for the spoiler alert for the link! :smile:
  12. Can.Not.Wait. for the new season!!!
  13. I am quite excited as well. Please, True Blood...do not disappoint!
  14. This season looks like it's going to be vamp heavy, which is awesome! Last season was hardly about vampires and IMO the show suffered because of it.
  15. I think Christopher Meloni will add quite a bit to the show. We're so used to seeing him as Elliott in SVU and that character. Some of you remember him from HBO's Oz show. He certainly wasn't an Elliott-character there. I do think we'll be surprised.

    I have to agree with another poster that last season was somewhat of a snoozefest. I hated the storyline with the jag-were and all that hillbilly stuff. Ugh! Thank goodness that is over.

    Other than Chrisopher Meloni, are there any other NEW characters on the show?

    I agree -- no spoilers in this thread, please.