Truck show report!

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  1. so believe it or not, DHL LOST the bags that were supposed to be on their way from Paris to balNY. so the only bags we got to preview are the magenta in GH gold, ocean with SGH in work, and violet in GGH in hobo style.

    the magenta looks exactly the same as 2005.

    the ocean is a very pretty blue. not too dark not too light. right in the middle.

    the violet- is much lighter than eggplant. the leather on it wasn't that great. a bit too shiny and slightly crackly.

    i put myself on the list for steel, marigold and ocean.

    we didn't see anything in marigold or steel, so we went by the photos they had and swatch colors.

    but i'm so glad i got to meet so many ppl from the forum!

    i'm sure someone will post a group shot we took outside balenciaga!
  2. The bags got LOST? What a spoiler!
    I'm sure you all had lots of fun though!
  3. hey fayden! nice to have met ya there! :nuts:

    I liked the violet - I'm ordering it in a twiggy! Too bad we didn't get to see marigold, which seems like a very intense orangy-yellow from the pics Kim showed us.
  4. Fayden, it was so great to meet you! (I immediately recognized Fayden from her photos :yes: What a cutie!).

    It was really great to meet so many tpf members. I guess I missed the group photo though :sad: Oh well.

    I did not put myself on any list. I want to enjoy my current stash BUT I am thinking about the magenta city in RH.

    Not sure when Incoralblue will get back online, but it was wonderful meeting him and Nanaz and toni and everyone else!!!!!!!!! Hope you all managed to stay dry!
  5. Fayden, thank you so much on this quick report. I've been waiting the whole day for any report from Gals who went to the Trunk Show. Well, UPS always messed up on delivery of bbag. Personally, what do you think about steel compare to Antracite? Is it darker? And did you ask if they order in Day style. TIA
  6. wow! sounds like u had fun.

    did u get to see mastic?
  7. I should add that it was raining cats and dogs this afternoon. I almost stayed home but decided at the last minute to venture out.

    I have to say, I was surprised at how few people were there. I imagine it was due to the weather but I assumed it was going to be a packed, hip party.
  8. sorry, we didn't see mastic, steel, tomato, paprika (mahogany), or cinnamon (rouille). :cursing

    I meant to say there were no bag samples in those colors.
  9. It was soo wonderful to meet everyone!

    I was very sad about the marigold, but I put my name on the list

    grape city rh
    tomato clutch

    I loved the ocean weekender with silver GH...the holiday styles I thought were absolutely fab too!

    most of all, we have the nicest greatest ppl on the bal forum!!!
  10. VS- When I went to BalNY last week, I spoke with Kim about Steel vs Anthracite. She said Steel was going to be a "flat" color as opposed to anthracite, which can change colors depending on the light.

    I had my anthracite twiggy with me but I didn't compare it to the swatches. Sorry.
  11. Thanks for the report fayden! I am def. leaning towards Marigold.

    Can't wait to see the Pf'ers pic!
  12. Thanks so much Fayden!!!! Makes the reporting job a littl easier, though, doesn't it? The folks at Bal must have been having KITTENS!!! :P And how disappointing for you guys. (Might have saved you some $$$ though...LOL)

    Many thanks again.
  13. Thank you for the report!!! I am so jealous some of you guys got to meet in person.
    DHL is SO BAD!!! Wow, I cannot wait to see more colors coming out. How were the leeather variation?
  14. I'm so glad so many got to put a tPF ID name to a face now! I wish I could have been there and too bad you couldn't see more.:sad:
  15. Thanks for the update~ waiting to hear some more input about the violet(grape)!!!