Truck pochette in larger size?

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  1. Any one knows if the truck pochette, the one in monogramcanvas with a logo in the centre, will this be released in slightly larger size?
  2. I really hope so! I don't like the small's cute looking but not practical for me.
  3. I really want to buy this in any size, but bigger would be nice.
  4. I don't believe it will be. I wish it would though since I don't really have a use for such small pochettes.
  5. I hope so... I would actually consider getting it!
  6. if it was bigger, i would make this MY pochette....

    i already have a mini, it limits you.
  7. I saw a wallet in the lookbook $440. It has a clasp on one end of it to where you could attach a wapity strap to it and use it as a clutch. It's part of the F/W collections coming at the end of this year.
  8. yea i would love to see it in the regular pochette too.
  9. Wow! That sounds interesting!!!
  10. I would love to see the wallet
  11. i like the truck pochette in bigger size too!