TRUCE Vlad!! Here is a nice pic :)

  1. I think I will call a truce with Vlad! After posting his spy modeling pics, he posted a pic of me to attempt to retaliate- and now, let their be truce and love!

    This pic is from the beginning of his birthday night. He is sober'ish' at this point- not sure I love how the shirt looks bunched around my stomach, but hey, I still like the pic!

  2. you two are just too cute! loves it!
  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
  4. AWE!!!!!!!!!You two are just too cute for words!!!!!!!!

    Adorable couple...whens the big day kids??????ALL of the PF must come to the wedding......heehee
  5. you guys are sooo cute together :smile:

  6. I second that!!

    Dont worry Megs you look great :heart:
  7. Only if you bring me a bag... Vlad can just... he will be fine!

    And then after we get him drunk, he can post with all of the handbags :roflmfao:
  8. Awwwww! So sweet!!
  9. Very Cute!!
  10. :heart: Thanks!
  11. Very nice :smile:
  12. you two look every sweet together and megs I like the top you have on I have one just like it.
  13. What a beautiful picture of you both. (bag looks great too ! )
  14. That's a great picture and you two are a gorgeous couple! :yes:
  15. Gorgeous pic of both of you, glad the war is over :yahoo:
    How did I miss the retaliatory pic of you Megs? going to search now :roflmfao:
    The shirt is gorgeous on you!! You look beautiful & very happy together!