Tru Calling

  1. Anyone here watches this show? I love the series, too bad they cancelled it.:crybaby:
  2. I used to watch every episode..until it got cancelled I thought it was a great show..but all shows that I enjoy get axed like reunion.
  3. omg I cant agree more...I loved tru calling they get the boot I get into the show reunion miss a couple episodes and they get the axe also...who ended up being the killer do you know?
  4. I loved the first season, it kept me on my toes.
  5. I used to love that show!!!!
    I've always liked Eliza Dushku since I saw on her buffy and when I heard she had a show coming on FOX I was ectastic.I watched the show at the beginning and thought it was great! It had good storylines,plot,characters,etc.I've always wondered why FOX decided to axe it because it was supposed to get a second season but it just never aired.:sad:
  6. I read that the killer turns out to be the daughter (the secret lovechild of Sam? and blond dude turned priest).
  7. I liked it too, sad it disappeared really liked ED on Buffy
  8. I think Tru Calling has such a great plot! It was also great what they did with Jason Priesley's character. I was really looking forward to the next season since now Tru has a nemesis who is her equal. I love that twist about her Dad too ... I really wish they hadn't cancelled it. Actually, will Season 2 be on DVD at least???
  9. I loved this show! I was sad when they cancelled it.
  10. In reunion I don't think they even finished the season...I don't think they ever got to who the murderer was! I remember it going on hiatus I kept going back to that channel everytime it was supposed to be on b/c they didn't give the audience a commerical as to when is was gonna return. and it NEVER came back..hmm maybe this need a thread of its own
  11. Nope, they never finished it. It kinda sucks. I want to know who did it!!!