1. Ok, I have decided that my next LV purchase would be Trouville in Mono, so I wanted to know what all of you think of it!

    Here's a pic (but I'm sure most of you know what it looks like):


    I love the fact that it has pockets inside since I like my bags to be organized. I am a little worried about vachetta though...I want it to patina first and then use it. Otherwise, if it gets dirty, I'd have a heart attack...:yes:.

    Do you think this bag is a classic? Would I be able to wear it in ten years?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. its cute :smile: i have heard the handles are shorter then the speedy.. more like the trouville. Still i 'd purchase it.
  3. I LOVE this bag! I've yet to get one! I think it's a smaller version of the Deauville.
  4. It is a great bag,you could defenitly use it for 10 years.
  5. I like that the handles are short...

    Thanks for your response!
  6. Its nice but strictly handcarry. Not too good for arm carry.
  7. It is a classic piece, it was made for carrying toiletries, so I am sure it will be useful for years to come. I use my white alma for toiletries when I travel, matches my keep-all.
  8. it is classic. the handles are a little short, but they fit comfortably on the arm too. well, on my arm, at least.
  9. Great pick! I have that one and I love it to peices!!! I can carry it on my arm even though the handles are a bit shorter than the speedies.
  10. i love it! it will be one of my next lv purchases too
  11. I love this bag, very classic!
  12. BUY THE BAG...I owned one and LOVED IT..I am sorry I sold it...It is a great bag and everything is organized in it because of all the pockets...GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
  13. I like it a lot! I think it's such a simple yet elegant style that you'll easily be able to carry it in 10 years. The only thing is, the handles are rather short, as many have mentioned above, and I think it would be a pain sometimes when you really need to use two hands. Still, it's on my list of LV wants. (is this the one with the wipeable interior? if so, even better!)
  14. That is such a classic bag - and so beautiful! Great choice!
  15. Yep! That's the one! I love that about the bag, too!

    Another thing that bothers me though (first is vachetta handles) is the mono canvas. It just SCREAMS LV! I don't like wearing/using logos, so, if I buy it, it'd be something to get used to!