Trouville Street!

  1. So, friends of mine just moved about an hour away and I went to visit them at their new house today. I discovered they live on Trouville Street! I immediately thought of the LV bag, of course. :biggrin:

    Anyone else run into bag names in the world? :graucho:
  2. Nope, but yesterday i saw a documentary about the italian city Ravello, in the Amalfi's Coast..i immediately thought about the beautiful damier bag!:yahoo::love:
  3. im sure you know that it's actually the other way around... the bags are named after places. e.g.: most of the Vernis bags are named after streets in New York.
  4. I was at the Sevres Babylone Station in Paris, then there's the rue Cambon... just take a map of Paris and you're going to find a lot of bag names...
  5. "Clifton" is quite a posh town near where I live, and of course "Knightsbridge" is one of the best places to shop in London, also got a nice LV shop.
  6. :yes:
    most damier bags have italian names..Ravello, Parioli, Naviglio, Duomo, Brera, Venice and also Ribera i think (it's in Sicily):idea:
  7. Yup of course, I was at the Duomo, the Pont Neuf, Cluny..
  8. Yeah, but living in South Florida, I don't see all of that out in the world :roflmfao: It seemed like a very random place for a chic name.
  9. The Saleya is named for a flower and produce market in Nice, France.
  10. Iono...but I live in Montreal and recently i saw a LV shoe given my city's
  11. Duomo = dome, all the dome in italy..
  12. it actually refers to THE Dome in Florence in particular ;)
  13. Good to know, I just know duomo means Dome in English
    I hiked up to that Duomo in Florence..pruuttyyy views from there
  14. The line for the stairs up was closed when I was there, that sucked !

    But I loved Firenze ! (although getting ripped off with 8 euro gelatto was not cool !)
  15. I was pointing out bags on my trip to NY this summer, I was like

    "OOhh! Houston street, Bleecker! Tribeca! Soho!