trouville, perhaps?

  1. Thinking of swapping my Ellipse for something a bit more practical. Anyone who has a Trouville - how do you like it? Any photos?
  2. did you want the one in Mono or Multicolore? i have the white Multicolore one and i :heart: it! it's a great bag and can hold so much.
    trouville 001.jpg trouville 002.jpg trouville 003.jpg
  3. I have the MC one, too. My sister has the Mono and she loves it. Can't go wrong with Trouville!
  4. I was thinking Mono for now...I'm still undecided on whether I like Multi or not.

    Thanks for the pix yeuxhonnettes..I should have known you'd have one! And of course it looks gorgeous on you :yes:
  5. thank you :blush:!

    the Mono would be nice, but you can't really go wrong with the Multicolore either, and if you're not the "no white after Labor Day" kind of girl, then the Multicolore would work all year round. i use mine regardless of seasons :yes: