Trouville in Black or White MC?

  1. Dear all,

    would you recommend Trouville as an everyday city bag?
    Which colour do you prefer for this bag, black or white? Both colours look lovely in pics and would match my clothing, so it's hard to decide. :amuse:

    I was checking out Alma and Speedy in MC but I already have these in Mono. Sometimes I have problems finding stuff inside Speedy, and it's always hard to fit my oversize sunglasses case into the Alma without making it look bulky, so this is why I'm thinking Trouville.
  2. I second that :yes:
    IMO, the Alma is prettier in black, the Speedy in white. But the Trouville looks absolutely great in both colours :love:
    Sorry, I'm no help :shame:
    But whatever you'll get, I think you can't go wrong!
  3. I wouldn't recommend the Trouville MC for an everyday bag, only because MC bags aren't as able to endure the abuse of everyday activities. As you've seen from previous posts, people have had the multicolor print start to fade off on corners, etc, so if you use your bag everyday it might be likely that the print fades off much quicker.

    But the answer to your question, I would choose white because i think the Trouville looks sexy in bright white.
  4. I love the white Trouville. I saw a woman carrying one with a gorgeous color pattern and I was transfixed. I could have stepped in dog poo or out into traffic, that's how oblivious I was to everything going on outside of that bag! Either way, hope you enjoy it!
  5. White!
  6. It depends on the weather where you live. I love both the black and the white MC-line equally, but as a norwegian I'd have to go with black (altough I have some white items on my wishlist too).
  7. So both the black and white MC are as sensitive? :shocked:

    In that case I might reconsider, or buy it and use it on special occasions only, like max 1 time a week or so.
    I bought a white MC Pochette about 8 months ago but have only used it a few times so I haven't had logo print fading problems so far.

    Does it have something to do with the climate, I mean if the logos fade off quicker in warm weather, or humidity?
    I live in Nothern Europe, in a cold/cool and dry climate, where it takes several years for my LV Mono bags to develop a light golden patina.
  8. I like the white!!! black looks odd to me!
  9. I have the white trouville. I use it everyday and I love it. I haven't noticed any thing wrong with the colors or fading. I even go out in the rain with it. Plus, it matches everything!!!
  10. it's always hard to fit my oversize sunglasses case into the Alma without making it look bulky I think you'll have more of this problem with the mc trouville. I dont think its the same size as the mono one. I also believe its smaller then the alma. Its much narrower.

  11. I prefer the white MC to the black on any piece. The black would probably be more practical as you could use it all year, where as the white is really more of a spring/summer bag. I guess I'm kind of contradicting myself :amuse: , personally I would go for the white even though it is less practical. I've never really been one for practicallity.
  12. I had a black mc trouville - I loved the look, I loved the color - the LV's really POPPED against the black - loved it. But it wasn't a comfortable bag to carry. The handles are placed low on the bag, so it makes it difficult to carry the bag by your elbow like you would the speedy. It's also very heavy for such a small bag - I ended up selling it.

    Also, it was nearly impossible to keep my chanel sunglass case in there. It really isn't a spacious bag inside :sad: it's very sectioned, but those pockets take away from the space inside the bag. The alma definitely fits more than the trouville.
  13. white is more beautiful~
    but black is also nice looking. and, white one is not easy keeping clean>.< ur denim may dye it