trouville crayon smell?

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  1. Hello lovely tpfers

    Has anyone had issues with this particular lining smelling unusual? I think the term I found was a crayon smell. If you did, did it go away?

    Thank you so much for your help!
  2. is it a recent smell?
  3. I recall my white mc trouville did have a strong waxy crayon smell... I didn't use it enough before I sold it so it didn't go away for me
  4. It's preloved - I think it's something to do with the material they use for the lining. I looked at a couple on yoogis and they said they had a crayon smell, which was common for that bag.

  5. :/ thank you!!
  6. I wonder if you clean and condition the canvas the smell would diminish. Contact Barbara at
    for your best solution as she's a bag pro!
  7. On the early releases of the white multicolore line, it is a known "fault" that the glue reacts with the red lining and did lead to the white canvas turning peach on a number of bags. I wonder if the smell then is also linked to this if it has occurred on a number of bags?

    I have gotten rid of a number of different smells simply by airing bags outside - this is particularly effective if you can pull the lining outside of the bag but I can't remember whether the lining is glued down or not in the MC Trouville.
  8. Thank you for the recommendation!
  9. Hi - I know exactly what you are talking about regarding the MC line - mine happens to be mono only.

    The lining in this bag is supposed to be "washable" I think? I think its more of a travel item so they make it really cleanable, but I think there is a wax or something that they coated it with to make it easily cleanable that makes it smelly lol -

    I'm fairly sensitive to smells so I was hoping someone might have had experience with particular issue since it's not a mold or cigarette smell issue.

    Thank you so much for your time!
  10. Sorry. Post #3 confused me - thought we were talking about the MC Trouville.

    There are a couple of threads somewhere on smell removal - might be worth looking at the suggestions there.
  11. Thank you - I have definitely been scouring this website:smile:
  12. Maybe put a tiny perfume sample paper with a little perfume on it? My preloved trouville has a smell too. It is not that noticeable so I didn't do anything

  13. Thank you beezygal. You are a gem :smile: its reassuring to know that yours has a slight smell since I think the smell is actually dissipating a bit - I think the previous owner just didn't use her at all. there are definitely worse smells, its just plastic smelling, but i think once its not so strong that it wont bother me :smile: I will try your idea though! Thank you!
  14. I thought the smell in my bag is from the way the previous owner stored the bag since it is a preloved one. Now that I read ur thread, the smell might really be from the lining. Since my bag is in pretty condition inside and out, the previous owner must baby the bag. :smile: ur bag will smell like ur favourite perfume.

    How do u like your trouville? I love it so much. So cute and not a lot of ppl have it.
  15. Hello!

    I LOVE this bag.

    I was really concerned about it not fitting over my arm because of past reviews but I can actually wear it with my puffy winter coat let alone my bare arms (I am very short/petite though). I love the shape, the fact that it opens all the way making it so easy to access my stuff. Mine came with a detachable strap for crossbody wear and I am impressed with how nice this bag looks that way.

    It holds my necessities and more. I am clearly a big fan lol.

    So here is my take on this smell:

    I got the crayon term from Yoogis who has a few posted stating that they have that odor, which they say is common in this style. What I think the smell is, is wax (I believe what crayons are also made from) I'm sure they coat the lining with wax or something similar to make it washable. This wax probably starts to smell over time. Again, not a terrible mold, mildew, or cigarette smell, just a wax/plastic smell.

    That's what I am thinking at least :smile: