Trousse Case - to keep or not - Please help!

  1. NM had this on sale for $452. It is adorable and could definitely be used as a wallet. Of course my DD is giving me a real hard time and wants me to return. My concern is that I am really hard on my wallets and I am not sure if this would get ruined.
    Here are some pics - Sorry I am really not so good at this. Thanks everyone!

  2. love the look of it and a great price too, but looks kinda delicate to be used a wallet, can it be used a clutch?
  3. LOVE IT!!!
    Keep it!
  4. How big is it? I would use it more as a clutch. It doesn't look like it has enough pockets, card slots to be used as a wallet.
  5. Thanks everyone. It really is a clutch. I think your right about it being too delicate to be used as a wallet. It does have a zipper compartment for coins and such. As for credit cards, I have one of those long card holders that would fit in there.
    It is so beautiful. I'll have to think a little more.
  6. That looks really really delicate. I wouldn't use that as a wallet since it will get scratched up fast. But scratches bother me more than most. LOL. It's such a great deal though!
  7. definitely keeeeeep it! great deal :yes:
  8. yeah, use it as a clutch.

    I hate keeping dirty money in my wallet. (especially dirty coins)

    Keep it!
  9. i LOVE it and that is an insane deal! KEEP it!

    it looks delicate for a wallet but use it as a clutch and youre good to go!
  10. That's a great deal! U shld keep it! I love the clutch, gorgeous~~
  11. That is a great deal if I saw that for that price I would prob. get it- I agree with the ladies here though I would use it as a clutch a sit looks to delicate to be used as a wallet.
  12. You are all so nice, not to mention great enablers.
    I just looked at wallets in Bloomingdales. They have lambskin wallets that look very similar to this case except this case is alot nicer. I asked the SA about durability and she said something like "most people who buy these take very good care of them". I told her unfortunately my wallet is always thrown in my purse and just gets jumbled around in there.
    After seeing wallets made of the same leather though, I am now considering keeping it. The wallets were $790 so this is much better.
  13. It's SO PRETTY!! I have the larger double flap from this ligne and the leather is SO AMAZING. Congrats on a fantastic deal!