Trousse 28 Zip Repair with Damaged Canvas

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking into purchasing a vintage Trousse 28, but the one I have my eye on is missing the zip pull and has wear to the canvas in the corners. I've heard that LV won't repair any item that has the canvas damaged, but does anyone know if this is true when the damaged canvas isn't anywhere near the zip?

    Thank you in advance! xx
  2. I believe that not repairing canvas with damage refers to cracks or tears within the canvas not wear. How bad is the wear? Is it just rubbing or is it full on holes? A zipper pull only is an easy repair that I have had done for me in store however that was a few years back.
  3. Thanks for your reply!

    I've attached a photo so hopefully it is easier to see - it isn't hugely damaged, just rubbed on the corners somewhat.

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  4. In my opinion this is fine and I believe that you should not have a problem getting the pull replaced. Are you getting a great deal? I ask because you may get charged for the zipper pull to be replaced and although I can not imagine it would be a huge sum it may hover around $50. Also if you want, and all may not agree with this, you could get a small amount of brown shoe polish and gently rub into that area so that it blends better. Either way enjoy your find!
  5. I assumed I would be charged for the replacement and it still ends up being cheaper so I’m happy to pay! I’ll give the shoe polish trick a go!

    Thanks for all your help :smile: