Trouser trouble - can you help me out?

  1. Hi ladies, I need some advice on pants. I've always been a jeans sort of girl, jeans everyday, but I've gotten to the point where I really want and need to upgrade my wardrobe a little bit. I got in the habit of wearing some skirts and dresses this summer, and now that fall's coming I'm interested in getting some nicer trousers to wear as well as jeans. The problem is that I simply can't find trousers that fit! I'm a curvy girl, small waist and big hips, so while I'm a fairly standard size (8 or 10 depending) most trousers aren't tailored for me. They're either tight in the hips or too big in the waist. And pinstripes - forgettaboutit!

    Any pants buying advice from curvy gals like me? Should I just assume that I need to get pants tailored to fit, or has anyone found a store that sells trousers that fit well right off the rack? I'd appreciate any advice :yes:
  2. hey!
    well, over here in the UK Marks and Spencers Limited colelction are just about the best fit I can find~mutch better than all my 'designer' ones like Prada etc.

    I think the only thing you can do its keep trying all sorts of different brands on & once you find a cut that fits you, buy several pairs. I would look for wide legged & in a fairly stirdy fabric, like tweed, or a sort of felt. Boot legs are fabulous too, as the slight flaring on the leg balances out the hips :biggrin:

    Good luck hun! & If you are ever in the uk I'd certainly recommend you drop by M&S!