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  1. Did you try it in a different browser?
  2. I'm having all sorts of weird problems, I'm thinking of taking a week off and seeing if they all stop! I've tried two browsers, my app isn't working properly, nothing seems to be working. If I try to reply on a PM it doesn't leave me a space to do so then copies the original message a second time so I have to go in and delete it. What a pain.
  3. My app is crashing at least three times per day for at least 3 weeks, just an fyi.. This used to happen quite a bit and then ceased, as if the problem was fixed. I'll be on a thread reading and it freezes so I can't scroll up or down, then 5 - 15 seconds later I'll see lightening bolts where images should be or sometimes an image with a lightening bolt thru it, then the error message and finally the app shuts down and throws me off.

    *** I'm on a Galaxy 8 if that's relevant. Screenshot_20181129-194454.jpg Screenshot_20181129-194515.jpg Screenshot_20181129-194519.jpg

    ETA: Also, not sure if this is pertinent, but whenever I enter a new thread topic, I am at the beginning of each entire thread, not on the last comment read (as per usual); even if I scroll all the way to the end of all the comments and leave the discussion, when I go back to the thread I'm at the very beginning once again. My settings are set to put me at the last read comment.
  4. On Chrome, I'm not seeing a reply box (at the bottom of the page) and when I click on "reply," I can't type any text.

    I'm doing this using Safari because it's the only way to post. (And I AM logged in on Chrome.)

    This is what happens and what I see --

    First image shows what it looks like using Chrome:
    Glitch - Chrome.png

    The next one shows what I'm seeing using Safari and the only way I can post:
    Text box - Safari.png
  5. Problems of server lag, resulting in double posting, difficulty posting at all, difficulty doing an edit to a post. This has been going on for a few days.
    Macbook Pro, Firefox.
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  6. I'll look into it.
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  7. Anyone know why the edit function is gone?....noticed when I wanted to fix a spelling mistake that the Edit had gone and was only showing Report.
    This is on both a PC and my tablet.
  8. The editing function is available for 60min after posting, then it's disabled.
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  9. thank you...that explains it...must remember to check spelling before posting.
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  10. By the way, after a few months I am able to post pics again. Every once in a while it asks me if I want Tapatalk to host the pics and I click yes and then I can post again!

    To share my joy I am posting here my rescue dog Charlie wearing Jan Bajtlik’s Hermès scarf design “Animapolis”. Charlie and I say hi and wish you all, @Vlad and @Megs best wishes for a blessed and happy year in 2019!

  11. I love your Charlie! What a sweet face!
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  12. Thank you! He’s my sweetie. Rescues are the best!
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  13. Hmm I’ve been having trouble posting multiple pictures for some reason. It crashes and kicks me out of PF after uploading 5-6 pics but before actually posting them . Do I need to reload PF? Thanks.
  14. Why don't you split it into multiple posts?
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  15. I had gotten this messsge twice today and then when I click out the box and hit “post reply”, my post gets listed twice.