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  1. Me too! MacBook Air using Safari. No pics (a few came through this morning), no avatars. Click on "view attachment" and get a 404 message.
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  2. Will be fixed in a few!
  3. Thanks for addressing the picture issue Vlad!

    Also, my mobile notifications have not been working since Feb 13. Tried clearing the cache and everything you suggested in a previous thread multiple times, all to no avail.
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  4. Glad to hear, you know we're all rushing here in a freaking panic. Women, pfftt. Bag-carrying women, especially. :smile:
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  5. Profile pictures are back, but actual pictures in the threads are still wonky. The only place the pictures seem to show up is if I click on the link from my email alert. Heck, even my own pictures that were appearing before are now broken, in the app and in Chrome.
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  6. I can see everything now! :amuse: Thank you, @Vlad! :tup:
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  7. Yep, things seem to be back to "normal."

    Whatever that is !! :giggle:

    Thanks! :flowers:
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  8. Yeah the notification are broken on the app, I've notified the app developers to get it fixed.
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  9. Hello I sent you a message regarding deleting my post , and have not yet received a response.
  10. how can i change the advertisement i see at the top of the page? i find the gucci ad totally unsettling. i understand the need to show ads but does it have to be this one?
  11. This damn Gucci ad again? How many freaking days do you have to leave this thing up? I get ad revenue, but these damn things that take up the whole top are offing annoying as hell. Plus the video sucks.
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  12. My notifications on the mobile app are still not working after more than 2 months.
  13. My notifications are back as of 4 hours ago (hadn't had them in months), but the app still crashes every day , sometimes several times per day and images often show up as a square with a lightening bolt in it:

    Screenshot_20180410-160823.jpg Screenshot_20180410-162547.jpg

    ETA: Samsung Galaxy 8
  14. Just an fyi to the mods, the app has been crashing on my phone for the past two weeks, multiple times per day
  15. Curious. I can see if there is an available update to the TPF app.
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