Troubles With Sabrina...Now With The Brass

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  1. I am so so sad. A couple days ago I was putting my Black/Brass small leather Sabrina into my purse drawer at work and something caught my eye. I noticed that the brass rings on the strap, that are meant to be clipped when used as a satchel, were scratched/worn looking.

    I thought that surely this would be some sort of dust that would wipe off since I have NEVER held the bag by anything other that the satchel handles. I rub...nothing, I scratch with my's still there! Got her home, water & Brasso...nothing!!! :crybaby:

    I brought her to the boutique yesterday and showed the wear to the SA's. They said to call JAX and see what they suggest, but that there shouldn't be that sort of wear on a bag so new. I've only used her a handful of times! I tried to get a pic of it but it's so hard to capture with the glare of the brass...the best way I can describe it is "oxidation," but again, the bag is so new!

    Anywho, I have to send her into JAX RETURNS...I was told by the rep that they would send me a replacement. I'm not even sure I want another one :cursing:
  2. If they're planning to send you a replacement anway, I don't understand why you weren't given another bag on the spot. I was told by a Coach manager that if a product is defective and they can verify it was purchased within the last year then they can handle the replacement within the store.
  3. Really!? I have the receipt, tags, everything! Should I call my boutique and ask them directly? It was purchased in that very shop this past November...

  4. They should offer you an exchange. I took in my black sabrina with no receipt two weeks after Christmas because of a flaw in the stitching by the zipper. It was not a huge flaw, but for Coach prices, I have high expectations. My SA apologized and traded my bag out on the spot. They have the best customer service at my boutique!
  5. So I shall bring it back. However, if I'm reluctant to take another Sabrina do I just take the replacement or would it be tacky to return the bag later for store credit/could I ask for store credit? I'm so torn...
  6. I had issues with the brass coloring rubbing off on my bag and they refunded my checking account/checkcard.
  7. Thank you so much for the info. ladies, I really appreciate it. I'll update on the events as they unfold!