Trouble with your Koobas?

  1. I'm curious who out there has had what issues with your Koobas - I've seen (and experienced) the discoloring.

    Who else has had these problems, or others? What if anything was Kooba willing to do to help?

    I'm debating whether or not I buy any more, or sell what I've got, and I'm pretty disappointed with "we only do anything about it if you bought from" (Not even "if it was from an authorized retailer.")
  2. I'm sorry about your bag. I bought my first one and STILL haven't treated or used it. It's been over 2 months and it's a big step for me. What color was your Kooba? Thanks for posting this thread.
  3. Moss. I've also got an olive Scarlett that seems to be taking on a funny hue but that could now be paranoia coupled with weird lighting in my apartment. . .
  4. I'm sorry that you've had trouble with your moss colored bag Julie. I've never had a Kooba bag that color. The 3 Koobas I do own (black, ivory, espresso) have all been fabulous and I love them.

    I do think if you bought your bag through an authorized retailer, then you should probably go back to that retailer. If it was some place like Nordstrom or NM, they should take it back and give you a full refund in a heart beat! Though Kooba could be a lot nicer about it and give you the benefit of their expertise about that particular color and any issues they've had with it.
  5. My feeling on that is that, assuming I can still find the receipt (which is a huge if - I don't keep them really once I know I'm not going to be returning the bag because I love it - or I didn't), it's not the store's fault the bag was defective, and they shouldn't be taking the hit. And they certainly can't replace it with another of the same color, though perhaps Kooba could (or could repair it).

    Most other things you buy you have X days to return at the store and after that the manufacturer is responsible for supporting it. Nordstrom, for example, offers free repair service on bags just cause they're AWESOME, but it doesn't strike me as their responsibility - it's ultimately for me to take it back to Chloe or Prada or whatever if it turns out to be defective, though I may opt to go to Nordstrom instead because I know they'll be nice (and again, that's unfairly making them bear the burden).

    $1800 for a Chloe that lasts 10 years beats the crap out of $600 for a Kooba that lasts for one.
  6. My only issue with one of my Koobas came from my black Paige. The second after I took it out of the box one of the studs disconnected from the leather. I was furious. I ended up getting it reparied, but had a huge ordeal because I didnt buy it from Kooba (I bought it from a boutique). Kooba would not replace my bag even after they acknowledged that I bought it from a reputable seller. The customer service was very robotic and un-apologetic in their responses to me. For a while I was so mad that I didnt even want to think about Kooba, but I have since forgiven and moved on....
  7. How'd you eventually get it resolved - Kooba or the store?

    Hardware falling off right away is bad!
  8. I'm not sure if mine is 'trouble' but my Sienna in desert patina'd a lot more quickly than I like, mostly on the shoulder straps. That is the last time I will get a light colored Kooba. I love the style but not a fast patina.
  9. I had to take it to a leather repair store where I live. I ordered from a boutique off the internet...they ended up up not really helping me fix my problem. They told me they would refund what it cost to have the bag repaired, but when I faxed them the receipt they just ignored me and never sent anything. Overall, it was a terrible ordeal. The guy at the leather shop did a great job though...the stud perfectly matches all of the others and I havent had any more problems. I was very discouraged from kooba after this, but I decided to give them another chance when Bluefly had the Carlas marked down. I forgave Kooba, but they did handle the situation in a very bad way. The only reason I could guess why they wouldnt exchange me one was due to fakes being out ther....BUT....they acknowldged that I bought from a reputalble boutique.... it really didnt make any sense. I guess that want to to no chances whatsoever on being scammed by someone trying to return a bag??
  10. I think the bag eggs ruin it for us honest gals. Booo.
  11. What doesn't make sense to me though is the issue of it being a potential fake - since it'd presumably be going back to Kooba for repair or whatever anyway. Wouldn't it be easy - and wouldn't they be the most qualified to tell - if it wasn't a real bag once it got there?

    I am becoming very tempted to find some of the good imitation Koobas, if there is no extra quality guarantee anyway. Wonder if anyone's knocking off the most recent bag that I want yet.
  12. Sometimes bag stuff happens to good purses, and I am sorry that you all are experiencing quality issues, but don't look for good knockoffs, please. It's not worth it.
  13. Oh, I wasn't asking such a thing! I was just stating the three main reasons I buy real are quality, expecting some support from the mfg if its defective, and fairness to the designers - and those first two seem to be missing, and I don't really feel inspired on the third count. And, if that's the case, it seems to make more sense to pay $100 and be much less bitter when it falls apart.It saddens me when a company doesn't appreciate loyal buyers (and that we turn other people on to their brands, etc), especially when its a high end product.
  14. Kooba's falling apart is probobly a rarity, not the norm.

    Someone should start a thread asking Kooba owners that have had no problems with their bags to weigh in.