Trouble with Keepall Zipper???

  1. hi - I took my keepall 50 out for her maiden voyage today:yahoo:!!! Having a bit of trouble closing the zippers - when they are zipped all the way open having a hard time getting them going back in again! Especially one side is really hard to get the zipper started - have any of you had experience with this?
  2. nope sorry ... all LV items shud have very-easy-to-open zippers.

    ive heard fakes r really hard to open though. where did u buy ur keepall?
  3. no, not a fake! I bought it from an LV boutique!
  4. I don't know if this is normal but my LV keepall 55 has two zippers, but only one is working. The other zipper just stays locked on the left side.

    I've seen pics of LV keepall's here on tpf where both of the zippers are met in the middle.

    Mine doesn't do that, if it makes sense.
  5. Exchange it for one that is easier to open, if you still can.
  6. Call LV and see what they say. I've heard that people use Chapstick or beeswax on zippers to make them function better.
  7. I have never had any issues with LV zippers either... I hope you can have it fixed!
  8. actually, i have found that the zippers on brand new pieces are a little stubborn sometimes. but once you wear in your bag or accessory the zipper will work alot smoother
  9. yes it can be because its new
  10. i dont have that problem with my keepall.
    maybe it's only becoz the bag is brand new.
    just call LV and ask them if they can help, or try some wax

    hopy u can fix it soon
  11. I have this problem, it's just new not because your keepall is fake what a stupid answer, anyway my sa said with time it will be easier to open and close.
  12. yeah it should get easier with time.
  13. LV says you can use brass polish to polish the zipper and pull, just don't get it on the canvas...maybe try to polish the zipper with metal polish and see what happens!!
  14. thanks for the wisdom about it being new, because I really hate to exchange an item for a minor flaw because this always backfires!!! I got one side going a little easier now, the other side is still tough to get going though:boxing:.

    Keepall is a great car travel bag and not too heavy either! Me loves:heart:
  15. This happened to me with my Deauville! The zipper was horribly loud and hard to zip up and down. It's much looser and easier now, almost soundless! Your Keepall will only get better from here on.