Trouble sleeping

  1. Sometimes it seems rather difficult to clear the mind and "go to sleep".... Anyone else feel that way? :sad:
  2. I 100% feel the same way, it's awful. I went to bed the other night at 2:30, I just laid in bed and tossed and turned....I had to be up at 6:30....
  3. Try journaling or meditating before bed. People always recommended this and I used to roll my eyes at it until I finally gave in and tried it (after trying everything else). I'll jot down to do lists, things that are stressing me, or really anything on my mind. Sometimes it's just a few things, other times it's practically a novel, it just depends on the night. I'll also take a few minutes and just listen to music and mellow out. I still have restless nights now and then, but doing this combined with keeping a regular sleep schedule (same time on weekends), exercise and healthy eating, I've been able to sleep a lot better!
  4. Yes it's so awful. I mean we know that eventually the night ends and a new day is awaiting us but sleepless...

    How are things in your life right now? If you ever need to talk, I am here to listen.

    We lost our puppy princess (she was 8.5 year old) in Jan this year.. Since then... Sleeping has been a challenge for me.
  5. Thank you for your suggestions! I know exercise def can help...although yes I am making excuses to avoid it just because yes I am too lazy :sad:

    A journal of thoughts seems like a really good idea actually. I feel like I can see how that helps our minds put thoughts to rest!

    Btw - What is some good bed time music?
  6. I downloaded spotify and found several stations geared towards sleep--they have everything from easy going alternative music to the kind of songs you would hear during a massage. But sometimes I like to listen to something more upbeat before bed--it just depends on the mood I'm in.
  7. Drink chamomile tea!
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    I'm sorry to hear about your loss, Yorelica. I absolutely have trouble sleeping too. Particularly at times of stress, my thoughts keep racing and racing and I look at the clock every hour. Sometimes I give up and get up and read until I can nod off, but that leaves only a few hours before my alarm will go off and I need to start the day. My friend recommended audio books. She says they require you to focus on the story, so you stop racing along in your own thoughts, and you can listen in the dark without having to get up. I think it is a great idea that I am going to try.
  9. I never sleep, it's horrible. It's very bad insomnia, sometimes melatonin helps. I think I'm severely depressed which is contributing to the insomnia.
  10. I take melatonin just about every night - about half hr to an hr before bed. Helps some but it's that mind going......
  11. I have lots of trouble sleeping - my minds run like crazy with the condensed energy of a thousand suns! I will be restless trying to sleep, sometimes still awake till 5, 6am!

    If something is troubling you (I experienced this), talk to someone, seek help etc. and remember everything will be OK and improve, let time heal, and let go.

    I found these helps:

    exercise during the day
    spend sometimes in the sun during the day
    Avoid caffeine after 6 (tea, coffee, dark chocolate, etc.)
    Have dinner early (i always try to have dinner at around 5:30 or 6)
    practice breathing, deep breaths especially when I'm in bed totally restless!
    stay away from technology (tv, laptop, phones) around 1hr before sleep, try putting on relaxing classical music to unwind
    complete darkness
    I always make sure that my pillows and mattress are 100% comfortable, clean bedding every week
    ensure room has comfortable temperature and well aerated

    I try not to let my work influence my schedule too much and try to time everything at the same time everyday, my biological clock has definitely improved and I wake better in the morning too!
  12. Sorry to hear about your loss
    * lots of hugs*
  13. if not stress related or just pure insomnia, maybe some sort of mental health related issue like mania?
  14. I have had trouble sleeping for years. Anxiety, stress, hubby snoring, noise from the street.
    Since I bought a new mattress about two months ago I sleep like a baby. I sleep through the night. Better then I ever had. Hubby's snoring is no longer a issue.
  15. Thanks Runner.

    Audio books sounds like a great idea also! Please let us know if it helps once you try it out!

    I think many of the posters is on the right track about getting into a habit of listening to something to distract our mind, the one that keeps thinking on and on without stopping to rest. Hence causing our entire day low energy, confusion and many many negative thoughts.