Trouble Paying

  1. So this is a new one for me- I won an item, and went to pay, and the seller did not invoice me through eBay. The only option I had was to request a total. I requested a total, and said as soon as they send me an invoice I will pay. The seller said in her auction she accepted paypal. A couple days later I get an email saying she is going to invoice me through paypal. So the invoice I get through paypal, says "goods". It doesn't give the eBay transaction. She said the reason she does this is because she does not accept credit cards through paypal. I've read some of these threads and have heard that its difficult to file a dispute through paypal if you don't pay through an eBay transaction. I told her I wouldn't pay, unless she sent me an invoice through ebay. Finally she did, but didn't include paypal as a payment option, so I could only send a check or money order. I told her she needed to add paypal. FINALLY, she did, and I paid her, its now been 2 weeks and I still haven't received the item. I'm beginning to wonder if it was a hyjacked account. She is no longer selling any items. Has anyone ever had a seller refuse to invoice through ebay? I just opened a dispute with paypal.
  2. sounds very fishy. i think what you said about paying through ebay by paypal is correct, you are covered that way. have you tried to contact the seller?

    good luck with your dispute btw
  3. yikes...sounds scary! It's good that you already contacted paypal. You might try contacting ebay as well, if the seller still is unreachable. Good luck!
  4. I've had a seller moan at me before for trying to use a credit card to pay through Paypal, they were saying it cost them more to get the payment that way. All part of the cost of selling the item in my book. They are probably just holding it up because they are mad at losing out those few cents or whatever it cost.

  5. eek - 2 weeks if it is a seller in your country file a item not received claim straight away!
  6. At least that will get her off her backside if she is holding on to get back at you!
  7. I would email her asap asking for a tracking number if no reply I would file a claim.
  8. You were right (and smart) to insist that the seller invoice you through eBay, and that you opened a claim with PayPal. Since some time has passed, you didn't receive anything and you paid through PayPal, you should be ok.