Trouble of deciding which LV bag to buy

if u have no self control u better not break the bank to get ur first bag, cux after my first and this forum i have 2 bags, 1 wallet, 1 cles, 1 mini pochette in total.. and less than a month and a half. yep.. it's addiction, but seriosuly, i would think of just getting a bag that doesn't cost as heavily and play with it for a while, then get a second bag that that would be hotter.. do i make sense?
I am using my mono speedy 30 right now as an everyday bag. It depends on where you are taking it. I find it is low key enough for work and very functional in that it holds everything.
i don't know how the speedy is inside...does it have a little pocket inside for keys/mobile etc... or is it inside just like for example pochette..with nothing inside????

i really want the damier speedy 30 now :smile: i hope the two months until my birthday pass very fast :smile:
- Manhatten PM/GM ( depends on ur style and whether ur a big bag girl)
- Speedy ( agree with charleston mom,its one style i dont mind getting in all colors/lines/fabrics..great bag)
- Mono Mini Looping ( great bag + not too common)