Trouble of deciding which LV bag to buy


Dec 3, 2006
I am debating what kinna LV style I wanna purchase, I like the speedy ones but I think they're too common ( i guess they're a lil affordable than the others). which ones would the ladies recommend that's good for all year round?
well, there's lots to take into consideration... size, line, shoulder bag vs. hand bag, vachetta vs. non-vachetta. what are you looking for, more specifically?
well i have damier koala wallet so I want to get damier styles. I like the speedy one, but again, i see too many girls have them. i just want a nice average size decent enough to fit like cell fones, keys, the wallet(its quite huge, omg) and some lip glosses LOL sorry for being to specific thats all i carry.. and I wanna carry it to go out on weekends and stuff. i pretty getting chanels for night occasions.
even me, I cannot really decide...
i got the koala damier walllet....and i really like to have a damier speedy..but i don't know for sure...
damier or mono??? damier looks a bit dark in the spring/summer. no? i want to use it for everyday...and that it even fits if i go out for dinner right after school/work...

the question in my head is:

Is this your first one? ?

I mean, you could break the bank and just go for it, if you know what I mean.

But, then you might just want to go speedy or alma in any pattern (mono, dmaier, or epi)

I say both bags are fully functional.
(my first was the Damier Alma, then 2 years later the ManhattanGM which was my first mono)
I make enough for the other styles, but I love my monogram speedy - don't discount it just because it's affordable - it's a wonderful bag! The Damier Speedy is fun too. If you want to spend a little more, I love the Saleya pm and the Manhattan PM too! Good luck - it's fun to choose!
Totally agree as well with Charleston Mom....don't discount the speedy due to it's's a classic as well and a great first piece. My first LV was mono speedy 30 purchased wayyy back in 1992 and it's still in pristine condition...But the damier speedy is a nice alternative, I got the 30 back in July and haven't rotated bags since!! Good luck deciding...let us know what you settle on!!