Trouble of deciding which LV bag to buy

  1. I am debating what kinna LV style I wanna purchase, I like the speedy ones but I think they're too common ( i guess they're a lil affordable than the others). which ones would the ladies recommend that's good for all year round?
  2. poppincourt haut or damier papillon :smile:
  3. if ur concern is affordability then go for the speedy but maybe in damier or mini lin line so it's not quite common :smile:
  4. well, there's lots to take into consideration... size, line, shoulder bag vs. hand bag, vachetta vs. non-vachetta. what are you looking for, more specifically?
  5. well i have damier koala wallet so I want to get damier styles. I like the speedy one, but again, i see too many girls have them. i just want a nice average size decent enough to fit like cell fones, keys, the wallet(its quite huge, omg) and some lip glosses LOL sorry for being to specific thats all i carry.. and I wanna carry it to go out on weekends and stuff. i pretty getting chanels for night occasions.
  6. hey...
    even me, I cannot really decide...
    i got the koala damier walllet....and i really like to have a damier speedy..but i don't know for sure...
    damier or mono??? damier looks a bit dark in the spring/summer. no? i want to use it for everyday...and that it even fits if i go out for dinner right after school/work...

    the question in my head is:

  7. How about the damier Saleya PM? I'm dying for one right now and I honestly, I haven't seen one at all where I live.
  8. :yes: :yes: Tell us more what your looking for.
  9. how about a lockit?! they're cute!!! or Saleya like aloutte said...
  10. Is this your first one? ?

    I mean, you could break the bank and just go for it, if you know what I mean.

    But, then you might just want to go speedy or alma in any pattern (mono, dmaier, or epi)

    I say both bags are fully functional.
    (my first was the Damier Alma, then 2 years later the ManhattanGM which was my first mono)
  11. I make enough for the other styles, but I love my monogram speedy - don't discount it just because it's affordable - it's a wonderful bag! The Damier Speedy is fun too. If you want to spend a little more, I love the Saleya pm and the Manhattan PM too! Good luck - it's fun to choose!
  12. Have you considered the illovo? It's really cute!
  13. I agree word for word with Charleston mom. :yes:
  14. Totally agree as well with Charleston Mom....don't discount the speedy due to it's's a classic as well and a great first piece. My first LV was mono speedy 30 purchased wayyy back in 1992 and it's still in pristine condition...But the damier speedy is a nice alternative, I got the 30 back in July and haven't rotated bags since!! Good luck deciding...let us know what you settle on!!
  15. Oooh I Was Looking At The Monogramme Multicolor.. Its Sooooooooooooo Nice But So So So Expensive Lol
    Ayayay I Would Love To Have The White One.