Trouble getting into YSL site?

  1. Anyone else having trouble getting in? I went to and signed up for their mail list..then clicked submit. There seems to be no way or nowhere else to click to enter the site after that.
    This is probably something very easy and I'll feel like a doofus that I didn't see it...but anyone having this problem? Thanks in advance!
  2. I had the same problem - maybe they are just revamping it?
  3. I think they are re-doing the site, and will be relaunching the fall season stuff.
  4. I do think they will be back on Sep 15th the latest because that`s the set date for the launch of the "Edition 24" movie featuring Jessica Miller.
  5. 15th of September? that's weeks away. You have a point about edition 24 though
  6. Yup, I'm just catching up after my vacation, and it appears that they are overhauling THANK GOD! :rolleyes:

    Wouldn't it be great if they listed all the available colors/leather styles for each bag, instead of just a small sampling, so we wouldn't have to play guessing games????????? And how about direct online ordering?????????? (A girl can dream, can't she...)

    I can't wait to see the improvements. :popcorn:
  7. the site was supposed to launch yesterday...
    here's the blurb from wwd...

    is it working for anyone?
  8. ^^^Not yet. :tdown: Thanks for the update, kimair.
  9. Fantastic news on the online boutique! I'm struggling to get access to the shoes, not so much the bags...I can't wait until it's up and running!
  10. The online boutique is great, but why just for US??????????? I'm sure that it would work also in Europe:crybaby: