Trouble deciding on my next purchase! HELP!!

  1. Hello Experts~

    As many of you know, last week I FINALLY got my AC City Tote and I am totally in :heart:!! I saved up for it each week and was finally able to get it. Now I am on the prowl for my next purchase. I save every week so it will be at least a month before I will have enough (I usually save $100 a week, so $700 bag = 7 weeks!)

    ANYWAYS...I am not sure what I want to save for next. There really isn't a limit to how much I can spend. Just depends on how much I can save. I am thinking about saving between $600-$800. I have some ideas, but I want to see which ones are really worth it!!

    Here are my choices so far:

    Belen Echandia Indulge Me in Purple (I LOVE THIS..but outfits would be hard to coordinate!):

    Botkier Sasha Duffel in black (I really don't want another black purse, but this one is nice!):

    Hype Arletty Satchel in Gunmetal:

    I am open to any ideas as well. I love BIG bags, no patent leather but I love leather, really any price (as long its not over $2000 I want a new bag soon!) :shame: I am also interested in some color for Fall!

    Any help would be awesome! :okay:

    TIA!! :angel:
  2. anyone?
  3. The Hype bag! I love that one and want one for myself :tup:
  4. I was thinking about that one too...then I only have to save for one week before I get it...well like 2 weeks and then I could get a wallet or something too!! LoL
  5. The Hype bag looks cute!
  6. I like the Hype bag. It's very different looking and I love the color.
  7. i love the sasha duffle. i have one and i adore it. you can get it in the fall colors if you'd like to move away from black.

    i do think the hype one is nice. does anyone know how the leather feels? i've never touched one before.
  8. I have a Hype bag and the leather is like butter...really it is sooo soft and squishy...really lovely!
  9. Hmmm, I hope they have two because I've been eyeing that bag for two weeks and today I told myself if I still feel that way in the morning to go for it! But obviously you can see where my vote goes, lol Hype <----:tup:

    On a side note: I was in Polaris Mall in Columbus and Von Maur (sp?) had Anna Corinna bags. It was cool to actually see them in person (Dayton has NOTHING). The SA was telling me how they'd just gotten them in and I was like "Yeah, I have the mini-city in black already" and we had a nice little chat. Then I went to another store and they had Hype and Tano bags....I forgot the name of it though. But for someone like me who does 90% of her shopping online it was nice to be able to play with bags in person for a change. :p
  10. Hmmm, I love B.E., but I really like that Hype as well. They are so different, the Hype is more trendy and a little more busy, while the B.E. is classic. Like the shoulder strap on the Hype, though, does the B.E. have one? I also like the Sasha Duffle, but it doesn't stay comfortably on my shoulder and it's kind of bulky. You should definitely try that one on IRL before buying it!
  11. I'm trying to decide on a new large Gryson:

    I have a need for all of the bags, I just can't decide on the color. Plus, I know that they have a 20% off code, Toutie, so this will help for the payment! But one of these might be good to add to your list of bag loves!
    Josey-Blk-307web-55676.jpg Josey-Blue-Fr307web-70703.jpg Olivia-Cerise-Fr307web-02165.jpg Olivia-Grey-307web-77428.jpg
  12. I saw the Hype bag IRL and was amazed at the overall quality of the's really cute cute cute...and the lining inside is awesome. BUT...I saw it in black leather and since this is a metallic, I would venture to say that it won't be very soft. Also, I know someone else mentioned leather like butter, but I think it really depends on the leather chosen for the bag. I saw another Hype bag that was a hobo style and that bag was like butter. The satchel, because of its shape, needs a sturdier leather.
    I say go with the's fun and inexpensive....the other bags are more serious and cost way more, yes?????
  13. I say go for the Hype bag. The gunmetal grey's perfect this fall...
  14. I absolutely love the purple one
  15. I looove the Botkier one.