Trotteur owners, how do you like your bag?

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  1. I'm looking for a bag to carry across the body. The Trotteur seems to be the right size for me. Plus it looks so cute! Before I make the order, wanted to know what do you ladies like this bag? Anything to be aware of?

    Many thanks!!

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  2. I don't have it but I've always thought this was a cute bag. It has a vachetta bottom. I think I also saw it in Damier but I'm not sure if it's part of the regular line or was a special order. I think it's cute! It's obviously wider than a pochette, so you can probably get alot of stuff into it and I love that it has the long shoulder strap that you can also wear across the body.

    What's the price now? Somewhere in the $600 range?
  3. I have it, bought it for my "prom" (Austrian version of it). It's double the width of an epi pochette, but I rarely carry it because I often have to take lots of stuff with me (student). Anyway, if you just carry essentials like wallet, keys, mobile, handkerchiefs and makeup it's very nice. If you already have the mono pochette (which I don't) I would not get it because I think both are too similar (from the space you get, again the trotteur is just as roomy as two EPI pochettes, mono obviously fits more)
  4. I don't have but it looks like a good idea to me.
  5. I have it and it is a beautiful bag but small. What I mean is that a normal wallet does not fit in it, it is too short. I have to use my ludlow wallet. If you have a small wallet or cles it probably will work out well. It is a bag that you can't carry much in. But it is a cool bag and very comfortable to wear.
  6. I have this bag and it's the only bag I won't give up EVER lol. It can fit quite a lot, I'd say 2.5X the size of a mono/damier pochette accessoire. I posted up some pix before of what it can fit in (sunnies or pochette porte-monnaie, clés (as in both the "LV clés" and normal keys), gloss, compact, cell phone...etc), so you might wanna do a search. I don't have probs with the vachetta bottom, it's absolutely spotless. It's a cute bag that I wear when I need to be more casual or when going to messy places.
  7. I have this sling bag. I bought it cos I wanted one to bring overseas to allow for handsfree shopping. Good for the essentials like passport, wallet, keys, tissue. But due to the vachette bottom, I was careless and the bottom got oil do be careful. nonetheless, it is a good bag and can easily match with casual clothes. I love to sling it across my body..length is adjustable. It costs 1030 in Singapore dollars maybe you want to convert to your currency.
  8. Thanks everyone! I know this place will never let me down LOL. The bag current is 635. Oh it'll be cute in Damier! Does anyone know if it's available in other choices? Just thinking, how sweet it would be in vernis :whistle:

    Size wise, I think it sounds good enough for me. I want to take it for a casual outing, where I want my hands be totally free. I concerned about its leather bottom, but there doesn't seem to have other alternatives I think? I'll definitely post pic if I purchase it!

  9. WOW! :nuts: I didn't know they had this in Damier too! Does anyone know if the Damier trotteur existed or was that a special order in the link???
  10. I just returned from a 9 day trip to Williamsburg, VA, Jamestown, Washington DC, and New York. I used this bag the whole time and it was terrific! It has an adjustable strap so I wore it cross body for the long walking days, or shorter on my shoulder for dinners. On days I needed a larger bag, I just threw it into a large Longchamp tote and away I went. It is my new favorite small bag and I consider it a lifesaver for my recent trip. It was nice to pack only one bag that worked for everything. Also, I bought the ludlow wallet which fits perfectly in there.