trotteur or Pochette Accessories or???

  1. I am getting ready to go to Washington DC, Virginia, and New York for a 10 day trip. I will be on and off a bus a lot and doing a lot of walking. I am trying to find the perfect bag to use. I don't want to buy something that I will not use again. I'm not a big fan of cross body styles, but I know that would be the most practical for this trip. I also was thinking of Coach or Burberry, but I've been leaning more towards LV lately. I don't want to spend more than $500 (give or take a little). Any ideas? So far I was thinking about the Pochette accessories with some type of strap, the Trotteur, or maybe there's others I am not finding? I don't need to hold a lot in it--cell phone/pda (Treo), digital (small) camera, small wallet, lipgoss, etc.
  2. If you're not a big fan of cross-body bags, why don't you get a Coach swingpack or something like it for the trip at $120 or so and also a pochette? Even with both you're still under $500. You'll get more use out of the pochette in the end and you won't feel as guilty with the amount spent on the other bag.
  3. My suggestions:

    [​IMG][​IMG]Louis Vuitton
    Pochette Twin PM
  4. I like the suggestions so far, thanks! I tried on the Bosphore and it didn't look good on me. I think you have to be tall to wear it well? I've see it on others and it looks great! I do like the idea of that Pochette Twin PM that can be a clutch too, especially since we'll be going on a dinner cruise and the theatre when in NYC. I can actually get by with just one bag the whole trip then!!! Does anyone know how much it holds? Do you think that would be better than the Trotteur?
  5. I suggest the Pochette Accessory because you will definitley use it again. If you want to wear it across the body, just get the longer strap that way you can have two different styles with one bag.
  6. I rarely use my trotteur, but then again I'm a student and need to carry lots of stuff with me most of the times. the Trotteur fits as much as 2 epi pochettes, dunno about mono. What about the Tango Musette with long strap? Seems to have a little more space
  7. I'd get a pochette acessories with a longer strap, that way you can wear it cross body for this trip but can switch it up for later when you don't need it. :yes:
  8. Get the pochette- they are great!
  9. A pochette with a long strap sounds cute!!
  10. I would get a pochette with the long strap.
  11. I would get the Trotteur cuz it can carry more for your trip. You can carry a camera, cell, makeup, sunnies...etc all in the trotteur while the camera would already occupy 1/2 the pochette accessoire, so the sunnies would not fit in at all.
    I have some pix if you want to see.
  12. what about the bum bag bosphore? the shape's cute! hands free, shoulders free!
  13. or the vive cite's a bit more expensive, but definitely would be used again!

  14. I think a Pochette Accessories with a long strap would be lovely. That's just about about under $500 with tax.