trotter romantique flap bag

  1. has anyone seen them on sale anywhere? I know Neimans had them on sale some time ago but they were sold out before i could checkout. do you think they will go on sale anytime soon?
  2. Hi aulii!

    The last time I was at Holts the line wasn't on sale at all (I think it sells pretty well...many of the styles within this line I was hoping to see were sold out). Maybe they'll go on sale soon, considering that these bags (the velvet and leather bow ones) are now a year old (+).

    In the meantime, check out eBay! I got mine on eBay and so far there aren't too many fakes of these! You can always ask us to check it out for you! :biggrin:
  3. aulii, you should consider yourself lucky about not snagging one in the neiman's sale.
    i managed to get one, but got so much crap from neimans about it and when they finally sorted it out, it was backordered to oblivion.

    the best way i reckon is probably eBay or to perhaps check out the outlet stores (woodsbury?) to see if perhaps the older trotter romantique flaps (velvet ones) would go on sale.

    good luck!
  4. Oh, which reminds me...have the drycleaners finished with your Trotter Romantique yet? I hope they did a good job with it!
  5. aulii... i know the trotter that you are pertaining to! is it the brown one with the heart lock? i actually ordered it online and it was processed..later on they cancelled it huhuhu :cry: ...much to my dismay! i think it wasnt supposed to be on sale coz it was at REG price in the stores.. they probably made a mistake and cancelled my order. sigh! :hrmm:
  6. jqua,
    they probably cancelled your order because of problems processing with the credit card details. :shrugs: it happened to me once for a dress i ordered from NM and it nearly happened to me again when i was ordering that trotter romantique bag (they mixed up my postal code somehow). i think it's a whole load of bulls:censor:t on their part, honestly, since after i sorted out the credit card issue with them, they told me they were out of stock and backordered. imo, it's probably best to just simply buy it directly from a dior boutique.
  7. thanks for asking May! i've gotten it back from the dry cleaners, well actually my mom collected it back for me so now i'm just waiting for her to mail it back to me here... it's taking AGESSSS!!! :sad:

    nonetheless, according to my mom, they did a pretty good job, cleaned the handles and the whole exterior of the bag basically, but there were some parts on the handle they couldn't quite clean thoroughly because the drycleaners said that the stain has been on there for too long. apparently, their conclusion was that it's probably colour transfer from excessive rubbing against denim, or clothes.
  8. MayDay - I think youre right about that line selling pretty well. I know that the boutiques were still selling them at regular price. Youre so lucky to have one! I think that bag is just too cute!

    zerodross - Im so sorry about what happened with your purchase from NM. Now that I think about it, I had a problem with them awhile back too. I purchased 2 ferragamo bags at a really great price. Was happy about getting such a great deal but never got it. I called to complain about it but got absolutely no help. Talking to a supervisor meant absolutely nothing. I just could not believe that there was zero customer service on their part. For some reason I seem to have a lot of problems when I purchase online, but get the absolute best service at the store. :shrugs:

    jqua - Yes!!! That is the one I am talking about! The dark brown bag with the heart lock in the front. I think that is awful to just cancel your order like that. I also had the feeling that they probably made a mistake in listing it for sale since the boutiques had it at regular price. Well, either way they should have honored their mistake and given you the bag!

    Thanks for your replies! Ill take your advice and check ebay and the outlets. :smile:
  9. :shrugs: yea the credit card details were fine and it was cancelled due to some reason like they made a mistake or something. well, i sure want to have that bag too, and im wishing that it would go on sale. i have it as wallpaper on my laptop here.... till i get to buy it! waaaaah :crybaby:

  10. those stories about Neiman Marcus are getting worse and worse ... i think i need to find a good friend in NY who will purchase bags directly for me ... best if he was handsome as well , that would be even more handy hihihi :wlae:
  11. Phew! :smile: I'm really glad to hear that they did clean most of it off! The drycleaners you took the bag to sounds really good, considering that most other dry cleaning places won't even touch designer bags.
  12. :yes::yes:
    can't wait to get it in the mail soon! i get a panic attack everytime the bags are in delivery, the postal service sometimes does give me a heart attack with delays.

    and the drycleaners were recommended by dior. :yes: called up the local dior, they gave the numbers to a few dry cleaners they used, and i opted for this one. apparently the chanel (back home) uses the same dry cleaner too, so it was pretty reassuring. ;)
  13. Thanks for the tip!!! I'll call Dior first next time before going to a least it'll save me the number of trips I have to make to take it to one that will clean my bags.