Tropical storm (soon to be hurricane) Alberto- projected path: NOLA?

  1. Good LORD, not again. :sad:

  2. Serioulsy...I have been gone all summer and I KNEW KNEW KNEW the minute I came home we would get some kind of hurricane action...I pray this ends up to just be a tropical strom!!! (Im in key west)
  3. I just can't imagine the gulf coast residents going through this AGAIN, even if this storm is not very large. It just breaks my heart! You hang in there Sunshine! :heart:
  4. I just watched the weather and SoFla should be fine-they said the Keys might get some wind and rain but they just said its not expected to be more than a Category 1. Looking at the perimeters and projection, God help them, it looks like it is going straight to New Orleans. I am praying for everyone.
  5. Its so damn scary....those poor people are so far from recovering from last year its untrue...pray girls...pray.
    I was driving around Key west and just looking around and I said to my husband...look how good the island looks again...stores are finally done being rebuilt, signs are replaced...its all so clean again. Onthe down side I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of homes on the market...people just do not ever want to deal with the **** they did last year. Its changing alot around here due to the hurricanes.
  6. Hurricanes change paths so much and so easily... that storm could easily dissapate and die down just to a storm- or end up somewhere completely different. Hopefully it stays a low category storm and misses those still picking up the pieces.
  7. Megs we could put that on a shirt and sell it....thats what all we locals live by.
  8. I hope it diverts its path or dies down. I know I ran to the gas station today to fill up my beast just in case!
  9. omg. i just got home from my western caribbean cruise. im glad were home now. my aunt is in bonita springs and is supposed to come home tomorrow. hope theyll be alrite.
  10. From Miami, it is not coming to Florida, or Louisiana or mississippi, or Texas, it is not.....We are not going through this again , period end......
  11. Im in NOLA and all ive heard today is people talking about where they are evacuating to :sad:
  12. Yeah...I just heard KW is going to do a evacuation for tourists...we are just waiting for the word...which means I have to get up off my Sunday loving lazy ass and do some work.....
  13. Oh and to just say for the record...I know there is more imprtant things than me being lazy!!! That sounded selfish...sorry...
  14. EDIT: Nevermind, dumb comment from me!
  15. I hear it's been downgraded to a tropical storm again... let's hope it stays that way.