Tropical Storm Fay!

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  1. Anyone else preparing... A hurricane watch has been issued for the tampa bay area. I am not to worried but everyone is scrambling to get last mintute stuff. I hope everyone stays safe!

    I will post updates on here
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I probably should have some more stuff together, but I don't yet. I still need to take in patio furniture from outside tonight after work.
  4. Hope everything will be alright for you guys. That's one of the things I definitely DON'T miss about living in the states - HURRICANE SEASON!
  5. I'm just inland from Myrtle Beach, SC, and we are watching it very closely. Just a slight jog east of the center track sends it back into the water off the SC coast. The next couple of days will be interesting.....
  6. I'm getting gas after work since I'm on empty. Otherwise, I'm pretty much just planning on hunkering down.
  7. We live in Southwest Florida, and we are about 36 hours away from possible landfall as a Cat 1. All our shutters are in place and we have moved in all the patio furniture and everything else that might fly around, as we could get 90 mph winds. There is nothing else for us to do but wait....... It's funny that this could go right over our heads just like Charley did four years ago. Sheesh!! I just want this to get over with. Good luck to anyone else out there in the path.
  8. I've got a hurricane day tomorrow and possible Wednesday. I know I shouldn't be happy that a hurricane is coming but YaY for no work! Another law office is having their support staff and attorneys bring their kids to work:wtf:

    We're all stocked up. All I have to do is wait. I hope it doesn't get stronger.
  9. We're no longer in the cone of error, so I'm not worried but am prepared.
  10. Seriously, I'm desensitized and just don't care. I'll take down the windchimes and get some bottled water. My gas tank is full. The generator has gas. Otherwise, I have to work and the only way I DON'T have to work is if all of Seminole County is evacuated (yes it says that in the employee manual.) and the likely hood of that happening is nill (even tho school is canceled and all my friends get the day off)

    So whateve. Orlando is going to be fine. I made it through Charlie, Francis and Jean back-to-back-to-back, so a Cat.1 is just funny. lol!
  11. My father lives on Sanibel Island near Fort Myers, FL and he's not really worried. My stepmother who lives in Fort Myers however is freaking out! But my dad said that the islanders aren't really worried about it. So I guess we'll see. I told him to keep me posted.
  12. We are just fine over here in Fort Lauderdale... winds are picking up right now but nothing too bad.

    Category 1 is still nothing to laugh over... around 60 people have died from this storm already. Be safe everyone!
  13. although I don't quite think it's funny,I agree with you, SeriouslyChic. I think South Beach is going to be fine, too. I didn't do anything special today to prepare. fridge is empty, gas is low, too. it only rained 2x today, but it is raining now, and a bit windy. dh went to go play poker, so I guess it's pretty obvious that we're not much concerned!
  14. We don't even cancel school for a Category 1 hurricane...psh!
  15. We were just in Key West and Miami last week, leaving on Saturday...all I have to say is "Karma.....thank you".