tropical storm + CL

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  1. hello friends!

    i received my first pair of CL shoes in the mail the midst of tropical storm fay in daytona beach, florida. have not had power since 10:00 am. but have been walking around in the darkness/heat in these:

  2. Those are beautiful! Sorry about your lack of power, but at least those babies made up for it!
  3. Love the color! They look great on you.

    Sorry to hear you don't have power! I live in Orlando- luckily we didn't get anything but mild rain! I hope you get your electricity back on soon!
  4. Congrats! At least you look hot while you are hot!! :tup:
    I hope you get power soon!
  5. Those are lovely! Congrats!

    Hope your power returns soon
  6. Great pic. Who needs power when you have new CL's!
  7. I sense a new Cl addict! She even posts pics when she's out of power! Congrats!
  8. Congrats, they are lovely. I feel your pain....Faye got us down here in Palm Beach County too and she brought a couple of scary tornados with her. But, I too was playing with my CLs during the storm.
  9. Those are GORGEOUS!! Congrats! I hope you get power back on soon! Living without power sucks...I can't wait to see pictures of these out and about with outfits. Sans storm, of course!
  10. I live in Miami and as soon as they let us go home early on Monday, I went straight to NM in the rain to look for CL's. How bad is that!?! Too bad I went home empty handed.

    smallpaperbird-gorgeous CL's!!! Hope you get your power back soon.
  11. so sorry you don't have power....but ooo what a pretty pink!! u must post pics when the power comes back on!
  12. Your shoes are beautiful! I hope you get your power back on soon.

    Thanks for posting the picture by candle light, you just reminded me to charge my hurricane lamp:smile: I live in Jacksonville, I think Fay is going to take her time and increase in strength before visiting me:cursing:
  13. They're so pretty! I'm really starting to love patent leather. I never used to, I was always a suede girl.
  14. Gorgeous!!! I hope u get power back soon...I'm in Miami and I also went to NM in the middle of rain and flooding. I scored two marazuls on sale!!!
  15. So pretty! Hope you get power soon! I am in S.C. and we may get some of the rain, but nothing like what you are getting.