Tropical Smoothie Cafe

  1. Has anyone ever been to one? I was visiting a friend in Alexandria VA this weekend and there was a Tropical Smoothie Cafe right next to her condo complex. I was in heaven. Amazing smoothies and great wrap sandwiches.

    If you have one near you, I strongly suggest that you check it out!
  2. I don't live too far from alexandria maybe a 20 minute drive. I'll have to try it sometime when I'm there doing some shopping. At my local mall (Potomac) they have a great smootie place...their strawberry smootie is TDF.
  3. They're sandwiches are really yummy too! I always get a Jetty Punch (strawberries + bananas) smoothie when I go there.
  4. Sounds yummy! There was a smoothie place in the food court of a mall that I go to, but unfortunately it closed! I was so mad and sad!
  5. Could you tell me where it is in Alexandria, VA????
    I wanna check it out.
  6. I was visiting friends, so I'm not really sure how to describe where it was located. All I can tell you is that if you know where the Potomac Crossing Condos are (W. Abingdon Ave) than it is right by there in a tiny little new shopping strip/plaza that was recently built. It is about 2/3 miles down the road from Reagan Airport. Hope this helps.
  7. SOunds good imma have to check it out!!! I normally go to ROBOKS smoothie place in alexandria va