Tropical Problem: Help! Protecting my Oak Darwin

  1. Hi Mulberry experts! I bought an Oak Bayswater in New York. But I live in the tropics. The only thing I can get here is "squash" saddle soap -- apparently made from...squash. A horseback riding friend says it is waterproof, that she uses it on saddles. Any comments pro or con from you experts. Stop me before I ruin my bag...:shrugs:
  2. didn't you get any collonil with your bag??? The store normally sells it. Personally I'd wait and get hold of some collonil for 2 reasons
    1) it's recommended by Mulberry
    2) having seen Chaz's thread I know it works!!!

    You could probably phone Mulberry to get some or I got mine from some company called but i don't know if they'll send it to your neck of the woods.
  3. The New York store told me they "can't" carry Collonil. Some conflict of interest, or copyright fight with the brand. I did see Chaz's thread...but I can't get it. And, no one will send into Mexico. to find something to hold me until I get back to U.S.
  4. think you can also buy it on eBay sometimes if you can't get it .
  5. I bought it on eBay 8.50 +postage instead of Jo's 5.95 but at least they agreed to post abroad.
  6. P.S It sounds great where you live.... Paradise!!!
  7. I buy mine on eBay from a seller called 'Covered in Bees' - might be worth a try for you?
  8. Covered in bees will not post to Ireland so I doubt they will post to Paradise!!
  9. in "paradise" does have its problems...big problems!