Trompe Le Fab on Let-Trade

  1. WOW.....I've only seen pics of this pretty!!! SOmeone here needs to snap this is so rare!
  2. Ita!
  3. I love this bag...I know Michelle was looking for one at one time. :yes:
  4. It has sold :crybaby:I was about nego this bag, Mizi Vienna & Charm pouchette when they informed it has sold... Anyway, hope it'll get lovely next owner :smile:
  5. :wtf: Yes it sold
  6. who got it?? anyone from here??
  7. Yes, hope fellow tPFer got it, not purchased by reseller :lol: that's totally rare bag, I think LT has one only every year.
  8. Aw, missed it!

    I just wanted to see how gorgeous it was!
  9. wow, that sold really quick!!
  10. I clicked on it and viewed some pics. Then just like THAT it was gone off the front page and into the Recent Sold page.

    I think it looks amazing, and I don't even like Le Fab!!
  11. I saw it too, it was breathtaking! :nuts:
  12. just an amazing bag I love the alligator trim.
  13. Did this lovely bag find a loving tpf home? Anybody?
  14. How much was it listed for? Anyone know?
  15. $2999