Trompe D'Oeil Pouchette...Tragedy

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  1. Hi All. Hope you can help me. Yesterday, I got my Brand new Trompe L'Oeil Pouchette from Let's trade. It is beautiful, and was in perfect condition ..but then tragedy occured. This is what happened. I was leaving the house on the way to a Christmas Party proudly carrying my new LV bag, when I realized I had forgotten my camera, so I placed my bag on a dining chair for a few seconds, ran into the other room to grab the camera, when I heard a boom. It was my Trompe L'Oeil Pouchette, it had fallen on to the floor. I was horrified:wtf:. When I picked the bag up, I realized a few (about three of them) of the crystals on the front of the bag had chipped a bit. You can't really notice it if you are not actually looking for it....but it bothers me. I let it ruin my night, :crybaby: What can I do? Those of you who have Trompe L'Oeil bags, have your crystals easily chipped? Have you ever taken it in to LV to have the crystals repaired? I need to do something about this, being as anal as I torments me. Do you think LV can fix this?
  2. i suppose it wouldnt hurt to try the boutique to see if they could fix it. i'm not sure myself though.
  3. Go to a boutique, they should fix it.
  4. Oh i'm so sorry :sad: Try the boutique i hope they can fix it for you.. keep us posted!!
  5. So sorry to hear about this.I'd call the store or 866 and ask what they can do to help. Good luck!
  6. terrrrrrribly sorrrrrrrry .. i know how does it feel =(

    as girls have said, try taking it to the store
  7. I'm so sorry. They should fix it somehow.
  8. Oh that just bites. I am sorry for you! Take it into Lv and ask about repair, they should be able to help you. Keep us posted!:crybaby:
  9. I completely undertand how you feel. I purchased the Trompe Le Fab the day it came out. Once I received the bag one of my crystals on the handle had fallen completely off. I was so upset. I called Lv and I had to hsip it off to be repaired but it shipped back to me good as new. I'm sure LV will reapir it for you. The only bad part is you will have to be without your back for possibly a couple weeks.:sad:
  10. I hope they will repair it for you - good luck.
    It's an awful feeling when something happens your LV.
  11. I hope they can repair it.
  12. Oh I'm so sorry, I hope you can get it fixed.
  13. Oh, so sorry :sad: Hopefully it can be fixed.
  14. Oh no! I am so sorry! I hope that LV might be able to fix it!:sad:
  15. Oh no..I am so sorry that happened..I hope it can be fixed!Good luck and please keep us update..