Troika bolide sizes

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  1. does anyone happen to know if the Bolide in troika comes in 31 and 37cm?
  2. Well, 31, definitely...don't know about 37.

  3. i want..................:heart:
  4. i have only seen up to 31 but i can imagine they they do a 37 on special order simply due to the fact that the skins does not limit the size per say (as with lizard ostrich or croc for exmple)
  5. It comes in 37cm. I can vouch for it. ;)
  6. Oooo! Pepper's Troika Bolide is beautiful:love:
  7. BTW What do your wear with your Troika? Is it a casual or dressy bag?:wondering:wondering
  8. I haven't quite figured that out yet. I think it goes with everything, honestly. I wear a lot of black, so that helps. shoes319 has seen it, and Hermesaholic also can vouch for the existence of the 37. The 31 is just enough fur for me...!
  9. I think it goes with everything too. And the 37cm is just right for me. :yes:
  10. I've seen the 31 cm troika bolide in Black. The troika imparts an aura of luxury to the bolide... love it.
  11. I call it my "Rockstar" bag. It's somehow flashy, sleek and understated.