Troika? Anyone own a piece?

  1. I am not sure how I feel about it. Anyone have a piece in it?
  2. I've only seen pictures, but the black Jige in the Le Monde is the only Troika bag I've liked so far.:smile:
  3. I'm thinking of swapping my leather GP for a Trim in blonde troika...but it only comes in 35cm, and I like 31cm trims.....bummer.
  4. Can anyone post or point me to photos of troika bags?
  5. don´t have it yet but want a plume in black troika. i just love it
  6. ^ AHHH!!!!!! I'd LOVE to see the Plume in troika!!!!
  7. voila my dear ( that pic was posted by peanutbabycakes not long ago and it made my stomach turn inside out i fell in love madly and called my manager right away it is just a dream)
  8. Drop dead Lilach!! that bag is SOOO hot. You seriously have wonderful style and the best wit. I wish i was going to Paris to meet you and the rest of the members.
  9. I've seen the Jige and sac en vie and would say I prefer the Jige in troika. It made it more cutting edge. Actually, anything with troika seems cutting edge. It's got a very soft hand.
  10. I have a Jige Elan in Troika. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but I've taken it out a few times to pet it :p
  11. :shame: thanks darling and yes you most definately have to come it will be so much fun and hey one guy and dozends of fab ladies can it get anybetter :lol:
  12. Trust me I'm doing everything i can think of (my parents even owe me a return ticket to Europe .... long story) But I cant justify traveling 14 hours or so for just a weekend, i would need to spend 2 weeks at least, thus I also need a traveling companion. And see how long i woudl be able to take of college. I acctually have never been to France, i have been dreaming or Paris since i was 6 (literary) whenever we go to Europe we always bypass France. The day i finally go there i am going to spin i circles screaming a la opening credits of the sound of music. "the Boutiques are alive with the sounds of Amex!!!"
  13. Who do you think you are, Peter Allen?:p
  14. ^ in Paris i do. When in Rome... ahem Paris
  15. This is one beautiful bag, lilach! :tup::tup: