Trocadero in Noir VS Pont-Neuf in Noir

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  1. Need help deciding which handbag to get. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  2. Go for the trocadero! I have it in taupe and I LOVE it!! I had the Montaigne, which is similar to the pont neuf in some respects, and I much, much prefer the trocadero. I like that it's a little bit different and absolutely stunning! I also love the microfiber lining as it makes the bag more luxurious IMO. I am pretty sure the pont neuf has the fabric lining, as does the Montaigne. Plus, the trocadero is going to be discontinued so you won't have the option of purchasing it for very long. The pont neuf is a newer bag and may stick around a bit longer. Just my thoughts... Have fun deciding!

  3. I too am eager to read everyone's comments. Just out of curiosity, what are your pros and cons between the two bags.
  4. Thank you.
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    I returned a Trocadero in Aurore because the opening was problematic for me. When I held the handle and lifted the flap to access my things, it felt awkward. It seemed as if the bag was tipping forward and all of my belongings were very visible and seemed liable to fall out. My stuff wasn't as vulnerable to falling out only if I laid the bag on a surface. But, when you're standing in line and want to just open your bag to get something out, it was awkward and it was not quick.

    Also, the bag just felt very wide and deep to me. The handle coming through the top of the flap was troublesome when holding the bag and getting something out at the same time.

    The Trocadero is a beautiful bag, which is why I bought it in the first place. But I learned that it is not an easy bag to handle.

    Later, I bought a Pont-Neuf GM in Noir when it first came out. I love the look of it and am much more satisfied with the top zipper closure and double handles. It doesn't seem as wide as the Trocadero, nor does it have a finicky handle/opening. So, it doesn't feel like a gaping black hole. It has the fabric lining, which I am fine with. I love my Pont-Neuf.
  6. Help me choose! Lol. I’m stuck between the trocadero and the mazarine pm. Both in noir