Trocadero anyone???

  1. :nuts: Under $200??!!! Great deal indeed:yes:. Lucky I don't like this style. Someone grab it !!!!
  2. Whoever is interested might want to ask whether any of the pockets are peeling or sticky.
  3. Very good question addictedtolv:yes: That's why we :love: you here;)
    Yeah it can be very annoying ,it can't be fixed right? I'm asking cos my mum has this problem ( where she lives is hot and humid ) with one of her bag.
  4. You're too sweet! :flowers:

    Yes, peeling and sticky pockets can be replaced by LV - they will do all the pockets on one bag for about 100US. :yes:
  5. 100US:nuts: That's not bad. Thank you!:flowers:
  6. It's seems we are the only ones responding to each other! Guess no one wants trocaderos. LOL.
  7. I just got a trocadero, an old one, it is gorgeous. The leather already has that beautiful patina, ahhhhh! Has a couple of scratches but there is a place in London that fix up LV's.