trivoli pm I so want one....

  1. but, I have four mono canvas bags and was trying to get away from mono canvas but,this one looks sooooooooooooooooooo sweet.....what to do? I already have the speedy 30,tulum pm, LH and PH...can I justify this bag...probably not....maybe they will make a trivoli in daimer...I like the style over the trevi...mind you the trevi is nice...but, much prefer the trivoli and the price...ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! bad addiction...five mono bags would be too much wouldn't it????
  2. Not at all! There's no such thing as "too much" in LV language!

    I hope you do get the Trevi... it's a gorgeous and seems like a really functional bag!
  3. nope, definitely not! kimora lee simmons closet ring a bell? lol! ... seriously though, if you like it ... get it, we only live once and we need to live our lives happy :tup:
  4. ITA with SweetPurple - if you really like it, then you should go for it! If you have the cash on hand and buying it isn't a problem, I would definitely go for will make you happy!
  5. Go for it if it will make you happy!!! There's nothing wrong with having another mono bag! It's very cute!
  6. If you feel it would be too many, you should sell one of your other bags....not sure which one though because I like all the ones you listed.
  7. Personally, having 3 of the same pattern (they have to be in different sizes and shapes too) is enough for me. I love variety in my collection. I want the tivoli too and plan to get that next year (I have to grab that TREVI first:yahoo:). My only monos at the moment are the speedy 35, pochette wallet and 6-key holder and the rest are from different lines ( damier, mini lin and epi). I used to have multiple mono bags but some ended up not used as I got bored with seeing the same pattern everyday. But I understand how you are loving the is a stunning bag :drool: Actually one of the best looking mono bags Ive seen! Just like what others have mentioned, go for what you love and makes you happy!:tup:
  8. I have been trying to back off of the mono myself lately since I did have alot of it. But if I saw a bag I really loved in mono I'd buy it in a heart beat. If you love it get it. That bag is adorable!!
  9. if you feel like you have too many mono pieces, why not sell one and use the $$ towards the tivoli!
  10. If you love the Tivoli, go for it! Mono is my favorite line and that is all I own. (5 brown mono, 2 white mc mono, mirage, & dentelle...and I'm not planning on quitting anytime soon) To me, each bag is different...I actually think different shapes go better with different types of outfits.
  11. Mono is the most classic line of LV. They are the ones you will enjoy for many many years. I also love other lines of LV, they are so beautiful, but you don't know for sure that they'll still be in fashion after a couple of years. So, IMO, buying another mono, no matter how many you already own, is never a bad decision!
  12. the trivoli is just such a great looking bag....the trevi is sweet too...I should sell my LH and fund the trivoli
  13. I don't think so because they're different styles.
    Same print, different style = different bag
    Different print, same style = different bag
    Go for it. Everytime I wait and think about styles, they become sold out.
  14. i agree - trivoli is so nice!
  15. I hope you did get the Tivoli is such a beautiful and unique bag. I just love mine.....