Trivia question!

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  1. Does anyone know the price of the first Chanel 2.55 back in 02/1955

    And does anyone know the first colors?

  2. I don't know but I would love to!
    I suppose black was one of the original colors, and I will guess grey since these were the colors released for the 50th anniversary:shrugs:
    I'd love to know how much the original one cost. I am sure it was a mere fraction of what we pay these days:smile:
  3. I think there's a thread about this... Let me see if I can find it
  4. Oh me and my grandmother were talking about this the other grandads average wage was £8 a week so I'd love to know how much a Chanel was then!
  5. ^ Prob. $400 or so... I dont know, I would love to know too...colors I'm guessing black and then grey.
  6. i'm guessing black, white, and grey too since these were the colors released for the anniversary editions. i would love to know how much chanel retailed for back in the day.
  7. Does the person who gets the answer win a Chanel trinket or a big jar of jelly beans?

  8. hehehehe...:lol:
  9. I'm curious too. I looked for over an hour on google and came up with zilch!
  10. Well, I have contacted Chanel with the questions

    I am also contacting Bergdorf since I know they sold them at the very beginning.

    Henry Bendel may also have had them early on.

    I got my first flap in ..........don't faint ladies..........1957 as a present from my father while on a trip to N.Y. from my native country..........
    He never told me the price for it, but I know it was quite expensive for the times.
    Hope someone can fill in the blanks......:heart:H
  11. Wow, do you still have that flap?
  12. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:No, unfortunately had to leave it behind together with everything 1960 .....:heart:H

  13. Oh wow! I hope it went to a loving lady who takes great care of it :yes:
  14. C, can you recall how closely it resembled the 2.55 today? Was it exactly the same? What size was it?