Triston & Isolde

  1. I searched and I couldn't find a thread about this movie so I started one.

    I love this movie so much! :love: It really touched me and I can't say that about most movies (the only other two that have touched me this much are Titanic & The Notebook for obvious reasons).
    At the end I was literally sobbing.. :crybaby: I HATED that he died :crybaby:! For the rest of the day after I saw this movie I was just kinda of blahhh lol.

    And I have to say that James Franco has never looked hotter:graucho: lol!

    Anyone else love this movie?
  2. I loved that movie too! :smile: I was so heartbroken when it turned out that it was not him who won her, but that he won her on behalf of someone else.
  3. I really like this movie. It's one of those ones to watch when my husband is off doing something or other. :smile:
  4. I remember buying this movie and watching with my bf last summer but we didnt like it!

    Maybe b/c we were sort of drunk so I will have to watch it again since you all said it was good.
  5. Yay! I'm not alone!

    I think that this movie is so romantic. It made me want to fall passionately in love (I know.. cheesy lol) and I'm not going to lie.. for a couple of days after I saw it I was practically in love with Tristan lol. You can go ahead and laugh at me but it's true haha!
  6. I caught a bit of this on the plane flying from Dubai, to Toronto.

    Aww, he dies in the end, that's sad.
  7. I think it is on HBO this month. I'll try to watch it.
  8. ^^ I watched it two days in a row on HBO! hehehehehe......goes to show how much I love it lmao!
  9. Love it. Love the song by 'Gavin degraw'. :heart::heart::love::love:
  10. love love love this movie :smile: