Trish McEvoy

  1. A boutique here is having makeovers. Has anyone tried her products. The last thing I need is more make-up. :P But I could be persuaded. :wlae: Does anyone have any products of hers that they would recommend.
  2. I love her stuff!:yes: I have been using most all of her items since 1997 and I purchased almost all of her make up brushes and the "planner" back in that time frame. Her shadows, foundations and lips are great but the biggest biggest complaint I have had over the years is if you started out with the planner when I did, the make up pages were made to fit round eye shadows. So I purchased the colors I liked and used. Foundations were rectangular as was the pressed powder. Then a couple of years later, they went to square shadows and they would not fit into your planner pages and of course the round would not fit in the square pages. Then they got a bright idea where you could buy these complete looks all on a credit card size pallet to place inside your planner pages, but the eyeliner portion would start to crumble and get all over your other colors.:cursing: and you would have a huge mess. Anyway, her products are really nice and I have stuck by all these years, but if you decide to go for it, just stick to individual colors and not any fancy pallets or planners.
    Let me know what you think. I discovered them one afternoon while browsing through Henri Bendel's back when they were on Michagan Ave. There was a beautiful Asian girl working the counter and I have such a hard time finding people with experience on Asian faces, so I stopped and talked with her. I ended up hooked! :love:
  3. Like Robyn, I love Trish Mcevoy. I discovered the line in 2000 while browsing the makeup counters at Saks with a good friend. We spent well over an hour with the Trish rep and she was fabulous...let us play with all the stuff! We spent a small fortune on brushes and makeup (also like Robyn, I too bought a planner when they were still using the round shape and that is pretty much my only regret). The brushes I bought in 2000 are still great and I use them everyday and have since bought more of her detailed/specialty brushes to supplement my collection (they are expensive, but I truly believe are worth it because they maintain their shape, unlike the few MAC brushes I bought that started breaking down the first time I cleaned them!).

    The makeup is good too - lots of colors and varieties. My favorite items are the eye shadows and definers, lash curling mascara (I have long lashes and the mascara NEVER runs and I never have to worry about racoon eyes like I do with most other brands) and matte bronzer. I never got into their foundations or skin care (for the price, I believe their are better skin care regimens available).

    Give it a try, I'm sure you'll love the brand!
  4. I love her brushes. They're expensive but definitely worth it.

    I have used her eyeshadows and blush and really like them.
  5. Thanks. I've been looking for a liquid foundation brush, so I may go by and check it out! ~hugs~
  6. I have one Blush brush...Love it and am addicted to her Nude lip pencil. Can't do without it.
  7. Her even skin foundation is incredible if you like light, matte coverage. Their Beta Hydroxy Pads are a favorite of mine. Not her skincare/makeup but her EDP, Blackberry Vanilla, is wonderful also. The one item I wouldn't recommend is her lipgloss in a palette since it has this funny, almost musty taste. I haven't used it in a while, so not sure if they might have reformulated.
  8. I love Trish! I mainly bought it because I thought the planner was a brilliant idea and I love how I can keep everything in one small case. I love her foundation and brushes. I think her makeup is just as good as the rest, but my main reason for buying her makeup is because it all fits in her planners. I take the pages out when I'm at home and then throw everything in the planner when traveling.