Trish McEvoy (sp??) products

  1. Hey! I am just wondering what your experiences have been with this line of makeup.

    I am thinking of buying this really pretty blush/highlighter combo but don't know much about this line.

  2. i love her line!!

    love their fragrance. i use their eyeshadows, eye liner and lipstick and gloss. highly rec. it!!
  3. Love Trish McEvoy! Although I think I really fell in love with the cute zip up makeup planners with pages to hold magnetic backed makeup! I have a big one and small one.
    Anyway, back to the makeup.. I think her line is great. If you like a fresh clean look (only prettier!) you'll be happy. I use her tinted moisturinzer, eye shadows, blush, and lip color.
  4. I have only tried the perfume. I love it.
  5. i've had quite a few of their lip gloss/lipsticks and they are great, however i think their best line is their brushes!
  6. Thanks!!

    I am specifically looking to get the blush/highlighter...I think the color is rose???
  7. I like her line as well. I've had several glosses and blush/bronzers, and now use her skin care line, too. It's great!
  8. I've heard nothing but good things about her products, though I have not tried them myself. You should give them a shot and then fill me in :p
  9. sorry, never tried any from that line
  10. I use this line & I'm very happy with it. Like someone else said the look is clean & fresh.
  11. i luv the glycolic wash, it exfoliates your skin everytime you wash..